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Towards the medical industry 4.0 model

A digital transformation process that redefines processes, teams and customer interactions.

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The project involved the creation of a solution to support the Sales and Marketing areas, through a sophisticated suite of standard tools and not the Sales Cloud module, which was shaped on the operational reality of the company.

Our team focused on creating a customer-centric system, which allows ProMedEx to convey all its attention to the needs of its stakeholders, in order to manage interactions with them in a streamlined and digitised way.

The software allows the management of marketing campaigns typified on the target customers identified by ProMedEx and manage an ad-hoc service that maximise the conversion of leads through the Marketing Cloud Account Engagement module. 

A Journey of Transformation

The journey with Mashfrog for ProMedEx led to extraordinary results, completely transforming sales processes, team organisation and customer relations.


Thanks to in-depth workshop sessions, we immersed ourselves in the operational reality and business model of ProMedEx, optimising and refining processes.


The integration between Salesforce and the ERP system simplified the management of tenders, flowing data smoothly between the systems without any manual intervention. The platform has effectively supported day-to-day activities, from sending e-mails to exchanging files and team collaboration. Sales and management are now interconnected like never before, contributing to the success of the project and opening new perspectives for the future of ProMedEx.




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