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Mashfrog Group is an international one company that specialises in the various areas of digital business.
We operate in the European, MENA, South American and Australian markets. We offer services and products in the strategy, consulting, communication & marketing, technology, ICT and industry 4.0 sectors, all the way to the most advanced frontiers of machine learning, blockchain and artificial intelligence. We support companies in their growth and evolution toward becoming a ‘sapiens company’, the model of the new millennium, capable of learning and evolving constantly in order to remain competitive in the smart economy era. We are born with a single mission: to go beyond technological and communicational paradigms to create innovative and disruptive business models.

digital professionals
million in turnover 2020
years of experience

Top Managers

Edoardo Narduzzi

Founder and President

Financial and economic journalist with a talent for entrepreneurship in his DNA, he has founded companies that are now established and listed and has become one of the greatest Italian experts in technological innovation.

Federico Zuin


A long career in digital transformation, first as a consultant and Big Company manager and then as a start-upper and CEO of some of the most innovative companies founded in Italy in the last decade.

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