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Discord: let's play in the "new" social of Gen Z

It is VoIP, chat, CRM, payment ... but above all freedom and sharing for gamers, students, fandom, friends. The iGaming project with FunTech.

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Communicate! With video, audio, images, text. Any way, any time and with anyone you want. In a free and customisable space. The "secret" of Discord's success among Gen Z lies (almost) entirely here.

Born as a platform for gamers to whom it offered practical and functional sharing and chat solutions, the platform has evolved to open its system to discussion and sharing groups of all kinds. Today, on Discord you meet classes of students talking about their subjects of study, enthusiasts of art, technology or science but also simple communities who have made Discord's motto: "Your Place to Talk and Hang Out" their own.




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The CoinGames.fun project

Together with Funtech, a leading iGaming and blockchain company, we have made Discord the focal point of the omnichannel promotion strategy of CoinGames.fun, the first licensed decentralised online Crypto Casino.

The basic idea is simple: Discord is the touchpoint of CoinGames' customer base where users are directed also from the other social channels in an omnichannel community logic, characterised by live interaction and also by bonus and reward solutions.

The CoinGames server on Discord gathers more than 5000 members who in the channel find

  • CRM for promotions and announcements about new releases
  • 24/7 customer support via simple ticket and query opening systems
  • Community Managemeng for feedback collection, entertainment games and bonus releases

The results of this strategic choice reveal that Discord is a preferred channel among users compared to CoinGames' other social channels Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.





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The 'secret' behind a global boom

Organised into servers - the equivalent of thematic groups that any user can freely open - it is designed from the ways and habits of Gen Z. And that is why they like it. Because it is perceived as a place where you can be yourself, live and with whom you want.


Without paid ADV, Discord generates revenue from its premium 'Nitro' services that offer additional functionality and customisation options. This allows people to freely choose whether and how to customise the experience according to their interests and passions, creating a private, tailor-made digital space.


Obviously, everything is declined with effective and intuitive UX/UI both web (Windows, Mac and Linux) and (especially) mobile (iOS and Android). A simple and transparent configuration that also becomes the perfect vehicle for CRM services, direct community management and accessibility to payment services.

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