13 March 2024

Wattyo solution has been certified by Salesforce

Wattyo has developed a 100% Salesforce solution that is both modular and quick to implement, and has been certified by Salesforce for its level of security, comprehensiveness and technical accuracy.



Wattyo is a Mashfrog Group subsidiary co-ordinated by CEO Javier Requejo that develops vertical software solutions on the Salesforce platform for utilities and TLCs. Over the past few months, the development team has been building a 100% Salesforce solution that manages the end-to-end in a digital and paperless way for the water business. From the process that covers the installation of a water meter to the issuing and payment of the bill in a fully digital form, through all the intermediate stages: installation, definition and signing of the contract, collection of the bills, billing calculation, collection of payments and management of any complaints or reports from the user.

The new Wattyo solution has innovative features that make it very appealing to SMEs that want to perform a digital transformation with Salesforce. First of all, it is designed to be extremely scalable. This feature allows customers to choose which modules to activate according to their needs, integrating evolutions and adaptations in subsequent releases, without affecting the scalability and functionality of the product.

“Wattyo for Utilities can be used in its Stand Alone version, covering the Commercial Cycle of a Utility or integrated with Salesforce Utility Cloud. In this case, Wattyo will cover backoffice processes (metering, billing and collection) and integrate with Utility Cloud CRM capabilities. – explains Javier Requejo, Wattyo CEO - Wattyo drastically simplifies Utility Application Map and needed integrations. Tailored to Utilities business, projects become shorter and implementation risk is highly reduced”.

Watch this video to discover all the features of Wattyo for Utilities: 

Another very competitive advantage is that it has a very short implementation time, which for a small to medium-sized utility can be less than six months, guaranteeing a very good time to market. Finally, the last and most important benefit is that it has been certified by Salesforce for its level of security as well as its completeness and technical accuracy. After a careful two-month analysis, the world's number one CRM has declared Wattyo's solution fully compliant with the security standards and best practice policies required to be published and listed on Salesforce's App Exchange, which contains tens of thousands of applications (check out Wattyo's page on App Exchange here).

"In this way, Mashfrog Group is no longer just a system integrator, but a vendor with OEM and ISV certification on highly complex corporate enterprise solutions. This gives us a lot of freedom from a business point of view, because we can choose which way to approach the client, having total freedom to choose for ourselves which of the two paths to take. This is the beginning of a journey that has Wattyo as its starting point, but will continue with further releases that will broaden the functional coverage of Wattyo itself and include the release of even more disruptive products," commented Michele Zagnoli, Global Digital Solutions BU Director of Mashfrog Group.

Mashfrog Group has therefore chosen to invest in vertical Salesforce product solutions, because it believes that it can offer its clients the opportunity to truly stand out. With a team of about 70 professional working on Salesforce, the company is able not only to do system integration, offering an end-to-end service, but also to support system integration done by other players, through a core of Professional Services products.