The power of Salesforce to service utilities and TLC, covering E2E commercial processes, front and back office.
More sales, less costs and much more​.


The best of Salesforce for TelCo and utilities

Thanks to WattyoUtilities and TLC with complex commercial operations can benefit from a comprehensive set of Knowledge, Solutions, Methods and Services that enhances efficiency, improves customer experience, and drives revenue growth by leveraging a unique set of business and IT capabilities.

Wattyo Industry Solutions are based on Salesforce Platform to offer a robust set to build customized applications, automate business processes, and extend the functionality of Salesforce to meet specific business needs.

Wattyo has developed a set of Out of the Box Solutions tailored to Utilities and Telco process and located to several regions to cover specific Regulations

We have already implemented Italy and Spain versions and are developing to USA, UK, Middle East or Australia.

Wattyo, to master processes and boost business

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