28 January 2022

From Rome to Tambacounda: the PCs donated by Mashfrog to the Don Bosco 2000 Association

Last December, the company donated ten laptops to the Don Bosco 2000 Association. The PCs will be used in Senegal to run digital literacy courses.


Tambacounda is a large village 400 km from Dakar in Senegal, a very poor area where people still live in rural villages. It is home to one of the headquarters of the Don Bosco 2000 Association, which for years has been committed to providing decent living, working, growing and educational opportunities for the local population. This is the context in which the collaboration with the Mashfrog Group was born, who for several years have been supporting the Social Corporate Responsibility initiatives of Beteya, the start-up founded by the association to provide practical help and guarantee cooperation and economic development in the village. 

In order to support this cause, the idea of donating ten company computers was born: they are used laptops, but in excellent condition, which should have been discarded, but which it was decided to give a second life. On the one hand, we were able to promote the circular economy by keeping fully functional products in operation. On the other hand, we were able to help the population of an African village to receive appropriate training in digital and multimedia.

Before being shipped, the ten laptops were overhauled by the Mashfrog Group's IT team, who also installed the Windows operating system and some basic software, all in French. They were then properly packed and sent to Dakar, the capital of Senegal, where Amara, a young Senegalese woman working with the association, picked them up and took them to their final destination, the village of Tambacounda. 

Here the PCs were sorted and assigned to different activities:

- some have been placed at the association's headquarters in order to expand training activities to a larger number of young people; 

- a couple were donated to a local association to start a digital literacy process aimed at providing tools for the creation of start-ups run entirely by women;

- and lastly, a couple more will be used to train young people in the village of Velingara Pont, another place well known to the Mashfrog Group because it is the village where the company-funded chicken coop was built last year.

Antonio Grillo, Business Unit Digital Director, expressed great satisfaction with the initiative: "The project to extend the life of laptops that were about to be decommissioned was developed together with our friends from the Don Bosco Association, and this initiative is part of a broader process that will soon see us involved in training activities for the transfer of digital skills". 

 Agostino Sella, President of the Don Bosco 2000 Association, echoes his sentiments: We thank the Mashfrog Group because once again TOGETHER we are creating the conditions to change the future of so many young people in one of the poorest regions of the world! With the donation of these PCs we will be able to offer the training and digital literacy courses to more young people, so that no one is left behind".