21 November 2022

Orizzonte and Mashfrog Group join forces for the redesign of the mobile app dedicated to loyalty

Mashfrog closes a partnership with the Orizzonte supermarket chain for the development of an app to manage consumer loyalty campaigns.


The Digital Business Unit of Mashfrog Group marks a new important success in the mobile development field, signing an agreement with Unipam for the redesign of the Orizzonte mobile app for the collection of points and the design of other innovative loyalty activities. The development of the partnership was followed by Fabio Dellutri, Solutions Sales Director, and Giuseppe Del Monte, Client Project Manager, while from an operational point of view the project will be coordinated by Ursula Flierl and developed by the Front end and Software engineering teams. This is a first step in the digital transformation process underway within the organisation of the large-scale retail company, in which Mashfrog can prove to be a solid and innovative partner.

Orizzonte, the supermarket chain of the Lazio coast 

The Gruppo Orizzonte (Unipam S.r.l.) has been operating for over forty years in the retail sector; it was founded in the 1980s and initially expanded mainly in lower Lazio and then spread throughout the Region. Today it has 523 employees and 22 medium and large stores – from 1,000 square metres in Sabaudia to more than 6,000 square metres in Terracina - located in the provinces of Latina, Frosinone and Rome. The expansion of the Group is also confirmed by the heterogeneity of the products on sale: as many as 20 product departments with more than 40,000 different products on display on the shelves, most of which are also marketed online. While maintaining family-run management, the large-scale retail company is on a very important growth path, which includes a structured digitisation process that is already well underway.

Objectives and phases of the project

The loyalty app development project will be divided into several phases. The first will be an intense activity of Service Design and Design Thinking, carried out in "co-design" together with the Customer, with the aim of rethinking the User Experience and User Interface of the application and to embrace all functional aspects. This is precisely the phase in which the project is currently located and in which we have the opportunity to choose together with the customer what will be the features to be implemented in the new app so that it is user-friendly, usable even in conditions of poor connectivity and immediately usable by the target audience. Loyalty processes will then be designed, such as prize offers, competitions, digital events and other features associated with points collection. The project started a few weeks ago and the kick off is scheduled for March 2023, with the first release of the app.

Towards digital transformation: future prospects

The redesign of the loyalty app is part of an important digital transformation process in which the Orizzonte Group is involved. Mashfrog Group intends to accompany the Partner on this journey through all phases of the digital transformation process, arriving at a complete data-driven management of customer centricity. 

"Mashfrog's Digital team, in addition to having significant experience in projects in the field of medium and large digital transformation, also has two strengths in its favour, which make it the ideal partner for projects of this type: on the one hand, great experience in mobile application development, gained over more than ten years of activity in the sector; on the other hand, strong innovative and experimental vocation, which has allowed us in recent years to carry out complex and very technologically advanced projects, including in the loyalty field, with international customers"

Says Fabio Dellutri, Solutions Sales Director of Mashfrog Group.