Igniting companies business and opportunities in US and Americas with Enterprise Corporate Systems and Cloud Solutions like Infor, SAP and Salesforce​


Expertise brought within reach

Discover the dynamic prowess of Mashfrog US, channeling the full strength of Mashfrog Group's expertise right to our clients across the United States and the whole Americas – from Canada to Patagonia. 

Since 2020, we've been the steadfast pillar supporting clients on this side of the world, catalyzing digital revolutions through world-class implementation consulting across pivotal technology landscapes, spanning from ERP to CRM and our proprietary 
integration suite, Mashbridge.

Our dedication finds its zenith in the Manufacturing, Distribution, Fashion, and Food & Beverage industries, where we leverage our strategic industry know-how, elevating solutions with unparalleled value. 


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A successful global partnership

Mashfrog Group stands as a distinguished Global Infor Alliance Partner, solidifying our reputation as a leading force within the Infor ecosystem with a track record of over 15 successful CloudSuite projects.

What sets us apart is our diverse and multilingual team, fluent in 18 languages, allowing us to bridge communication gaps and provide tailored solutions to our global clients. Our Mashfrog Leap Methodology sets an industry standard for implementation, offering a streamlined and robust pathway to deploy Infor products efficiently. Moreover, our mastery extends across various Infor technologies, encompassing M3, EAM, WMS, and Infor OS.

An integral part of our strategy is nearshoring talent, a vision realized through our two Centers of Excellence strategically located in North America and Europe. This network of expertise positions Mashfrog Group as an invaluable partner for businesses seeking comprehensive, industry-specific Infor solutions on a global scale.

Boost Technology implementation with mashbridge

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