Generative AI and Explainable AI for the digital transformation of companies. Proprietary platforms and a proven track record in Data Driven business services.


Driven by innovation, powered by experience

Specialising in Generative AI and Explainable AI, AyGLOO leads the industry towards new digital horizons, making advanced technologies accessible to all, regardless of technical skills. With a focus on automating business processes and supporting data-driven transformation, it is the ideal solution for companies looking to embrace the future of AI.

Two main solutions form the core of AyGLOO's offering: SARAH, a Generative AI Platform, and INDIA, an Explainable AI Platform. Unique solutions that revolutionise business management, simplifying complex flows and accelerating decision-making through advanced automation. Aygloo not only simplifies, but redefines business efficiency and competitiveness through operational solutions that put Artificial Intelligence at the service of companies, from customer service to archiving processes up to business insight.

SARAH e INDIA: AI for digital transformation

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