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MSSP for industrial sector with proprietary SIEM OT technology, delivering excellence in protecting your plant in US, Middle East and Europe .

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Cybersecurity: The MSSP for the industrial sector

With more than five years of experience in providing excellence in the cybersecurity industry, we focus our endeavors in serving the operational technology. Thanks to our innovation we bring our SIEM OT, Phalanx, which is specialized in cyber OT & IIoT, conceived and developed for industrial environments. It is developed Open Source.​

Currently, we cater to the Energy, F&B, Pharmaceutical and Technology sectors. Our primary focus lies in safeguarding critical facilities, adhering to key standards such as ISA/IEC 62443, NIST SP 800-82, and ANSI/ISA-99, which are specifically designed for critical infrastructures. By doing so, we assist our customers in enhancing their security posture, instilling confidence, and ensuring compliance with the highest international standards and regulations.

Cybersecurity by design for the industrial sector

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