15 September 2022

Italian elections. "Our" duels between candidates via video streaming for Tiscali

How to go beyond slogans, learn, understand and know? The answer is given by Tiscali and is called Duels.


It's called Duels and it's all made in Mashfrog Creative Solutions (MCS). It is the new video streaming format launched by TISCALI and dedicated to the comparison between the candidates of the different political groups in the elections of 25 September. Duels is an online salon in which, from time to time, pairs of candidates participate to discuss central issues for voters and for political debate. The format, studio, set-ups, production and filming are all carried out by MCS. 

All the duels are broadcast in the "special elections" section of the Tiscali Newsportal. Around twenty discussions, from 7 to 23 September, moderated by Claudia Fusani, parliamentary journalist and member of the editorial staff of Tiscali NewsThe rules of the duels are simple: the same questions for both participants, the same time available for answers, a secret question that everyone will ask their "opponent" and, in closing, an appeal to the final vote on the proposed theme. No low blows or personal attacks, they must stick to the themes.

Francesco Sortino, Media, Digital and Tech Services Executive Director of Tiscali, explains: "Duels relaunches the vocation of Tiscali News to be at the centre of innovation and information. We are launching, with a format dedicated to politics, a new season of production of exclusive content, which will be offered through the digital platforms of the Tiscali Group".

Fabrizio Varrenti, CEO of Mashfrog Creative Solutions, echoes him in saying: "The creation of Duels has been very challenging, consistent with the innovative line that Tiscali intends to pursue in the coming years and with our approach, which is always oriented towards achieving customer objectives thanks to an impactful content strategy".


To access the format click here.