03 July 2024

A true Ironman, with a passion for development: let’s meet Augusto

Augusto, Head of Frontend Solutions, chats with us about his experience in Mashfrog and his passion for triathlon, showcasing how pursuing a career is a good match with extreme sports.

intervista augusto montoni

In an ever-more hectic and competitive professional milieu, finding the life-work balance can almost feel like a mission impossible. Augusto is a testament to how determination and planning are key to outstanding achievements in both instances. In this interview, he talks about his professional journey in Mashfrog, starting as a junior developer only to become a team supervisor, and of his unwavering passion for triathlon. Let’s find out how he can juggle complex project management and an intensive training regimen, as well as his future goals.

When did you start and how were your first years in Mashfrog?

In 2011, after securing my master’s degree in IT engineering, I started my career in Mashfrog as an Android developer. As the team grew in size, I was tasked with overseeing junior staffers, until I added to my senior developer job title the qualification of Project Manager for high-stakes tasks. In 2017 I was promoted to Head of the mobile app area up until 2019 when I was tasked with covering also the web and UX/UI areas.

Today, what is your role and what are you tasked with?

Currently, I coordinate a team of about 35 people. My work is divided equally into three main activities: managing the team in terms of allocation, professional growth, and resolution of daily resource issues; carrying out Project Management activities on various projects; and providing technical support to the sales department in the presales phases.

Let's now move on to your passion for sports. When and how did it begin?

Ever since I was a child, sports have always been a part of my life. I never played football, opting for other sports like rugby, which I practiced for many years, even at a good level. My academic career forced me to slow down, so for a few years, I only played sports for fun. After graduating, more or less coinciding with my Mashfrog gig, I got back to intensive training until in 2016 I started practicing Triathlon and never stopped since.

Tell us about your Ironman journey.

My Ironman fling started last year. I was fascinated by the extreme challenge, so I dug deep into a strict training regimen that included swimming, cycling, and running. So far, I have participated in five half Ironman races, which consist of a 2 km swim, a 90 km bike ride, and a 21 km run, and my best time has been five hours. In September, however, I will compete in my first full Ironman, consisting of 4 km of swimming, 180 km of cycling, and 42 km of running, and my goal is to reach the finishing line. The training is tough, but the satisfaction of completing a race is beyond words.

How do you train for such a demanding challenge?

On average, my training involves six to seven sessions per week, adding up to about 6,000 km of cycling, 1,500 km of running, and 300 km of swimming in a year. Ironman requires constant commitment and great discipline. In particular, running and swimming are very similar to meditation, allowing you to isolate yourself and focus only on yourself and your body.

How does playing sports help you in your work?

Playing sports before or after an intense workday allows me to let off some steam. I reckon that’s why I rarely lose my temper at work and never raise my voice during a conversation. In addition, the lure of a challenge, sportsmanlike competition, and overcoming one's limits are essential characteristics in Ironman, which I also apply at work. Finally, the discipline and rigor that this sport requires are also very helpful in managing and analyzing work problems and issues.

What are your future goals, both in the professional and the sporting world?

Professionally, I would like to continue to grow my area and take on new challenges and projects together with my colleagues. Athletically, I aim to improve my Ironman performance and perhaps even compete in international competitions in the future. I want to prove to myself that with passion and dedication, it is possible to achieve great goals in both areas.