20 April 2021

When digital communication meets yoga: the story of Giulia Matteucci

Born in 1980, graduated in philosophy and with an innate passion for writing, Giulia Matteucci has worked in mashfrog Group since July 2018 as Senior Digital Media Communication, and has been in the world of digital communication for over thirteen years.

Cover story

She has devoted more or less the same amount of time to discovering and practising her greatest passion: yoga. We talked about it with her, to try to understand if it is simply coincidence, or if this discipline has actually helped her to manage the stress and work rhythms of a communication professional.

How did you start practising yoga? 

I have been playing sports since I was little and I don't remember a time in my student or working life that didn't include hours of physical exercise every week. I started with artistic gymnastics, then it was dance, and in the end I landed on yoga. The first lesson dates back to over ten years ago: I started somewhat by chance, although the discipline and its philosophy had intrigued me for some time, and I haven't stopped since”.

What fascinates you about this discipline?

From year to year I have discovered a complex and rich culture which, through subtle and profound physical exercise techniques, promotes integral development of the person, oriented towards self-knowledge and the strengthening of one's own faculties (cognitive, emotional, relational). Over the last ten years in Italy, schools, teachers and opportunities to approach and start practising yoga have multiplied exponentially. Today, no gym doesn't include at least one yoga course in its calendar. I think this is a good thing to the extent that it has greatly increased the knowledge and accessibility of yoga itself; on the other hand, as is often the case, this growth in "popularity" has also led to clichés, misunderstandings and reductive visions. What I am learning from year to year is that the practice of yoga certainly does not end in the time and place of the lesson, but it concerns our behaviours, the way we relate to others and the environment we live in, the objectives we pursue and the way we try to reach them”.