Ticketing: Next stop, innovation!

Nuovo sistema ticketing treno: rivoluziona acquisto e validazione biglietti, offrendo esperienza viaggio senza interruzioni.

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Mashfrog introduces a revolution in ticketing for public transport, promising an unprecedented travel experience for passengers.

The project enhances the concept of Be-In/Be-Out recognition, a ticket validation mode that uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology for automatic passenger recognition, without requiring manual interaction for ticket purchase or validation.

This new approach, the result of detailed analysis, offers an advanced level of customisation.

This results in a significant improvement in the smoothness and comfort of the journey for all passengers.

How it works: Bluetooth, beacons and cloud

The Be-In/Be-Out system leverages Bluetooth low-energy technology to simplify the travel experience.

It uses a mobile application on a smartphone or smartwatch, and BLE beacons located in stations and on trains, to automatically detect departing and arriving users.

Upon detection, the user receives push notifications for the start and end of the journey, with the system automatically processing payment based on the

route taken.

All this is supported by a cloud-based back-end that manages and processes the collected data securely and efficiently.

The benefits: ticketless and queue-free travel

Thanks to this technology, users enjoy a series of significant benefits: it is no longer necessary to buy tickets in advance, completely eliminating the risk of losing or misplacing paper tickets.

Moreover, queues at ticket counters are eliminated, making the boarding process much quicker and less stressful.

The use of Bluetooth low-energy ensures precise and low-power monitoring, improving not only the efficiency of the system but also the overall user experience, resulting in a more pleasant, comfortable and smooth journey.

This innovative approach to railway mobility is a significant step towards improving the accessibility and sustainability of public transport.

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