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In Apulia, the fountains can be found with an App

A new app that allows users to locate the drinking fountains and water quality in Apulia has been developed for Acquedotto pugliese

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  • Human-centered Design¬†
  • User Experience¬†
  • User Interface¬†

Mashfrog's FontaninApp for Acquedotto Pugliese is a project that focuses on the client's needs to increase accessibility and awareness of the drinking fountains in Apulia, aiming to improve the use of public water resources.

Project objectives include promoting environmental sustainability and raising awareness of water quality.

The main activities carried out are the development of innovative features such as augmented reality for locating the drinking fountains, the supply of detailed information on location, history and water quality, and the integration of a news section for environmental updates.

This app aims to create a stronger link between users and the environment, emphasising the importance of public water and the commitment to a sustainable future.

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