16 November 2023

Wattyo: the best of Salesforce for TLC and utilities

A new chapter opens with the entry of Wattyo, Mashfrog's new Spanish branch specialising in the development and implementation of Salesforce solutions for utilities and TLC industries.


In the ever-dynamic digital business scenario, mashfrog Group continues its growth in the marketing cloud segment with the opening of a new branch, based in Madrid and targeting a global market, which enriches and expands the group's ecosystem and consolidates its presence in the Iberian landscape: Wattyo.

“We are a global software engineering company, developing out of the box industry solutions on Salesforce technology” Javier Requejo, Wattyo Cloud CEO said. “We help companies transform their commercial processes to become fully digitalized in record time. Our solutions cover the complete commercial cycle including Frontoffice, Backoffice, Field and Analytics processes, entirely built on Salesforce Platform and Clouds, avoiding complex integrations. Wattyo solutions leverage and extends Salesforce unique Data, AI and Integration capabilities”.

Specialising in the development and implementation of solutions for utilities and telecommunications, but not only, Wattyo offers the best of Salesforce to companies, providing a comprehensive set of knowledge and deep-rooted technological know-how to build customised applications, automate business processes and extend Salesforce functionality according to specific business needs.

This is accomplished by providing:

  • Industry Solutions: With initial focus on Utilities and Telco, Wattyo is developing the first end to end Customer Information System (CIS) fully developed with Salesforce Technology. Commercial Processes covered include Sales, Metering, Invoicing, Payment, Settlement and Field Work
  • Business Consulting: allows, thanks to in-depth knowledge of industries, business processes, organisations, culture and regulations, to define pragmatic and comprehensive Implementation Methodologies and Digital Transformation Roadmaps together with customers.
  • Expert Services: ensures quality and success of Salesforce Projects through best practices and constant updates on the latest platform releases to maximise efficiency.

With its "out of the box" solutions, Wattyo stands at the intersection between advanced technology and a deep understanding of business dynamics, representing an essential resource for companies seeking to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

The opening of this new frontier in Spain, where mashfrog Iberica and the newly founded mashfrog Industrial Guard already operate, represents a significant step in the internationalisation path of the group, which is already present in the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Serbia, Mexico and Armenia, and which is increasingly moving towards the objective of creating an integrated network of services that transcend national borders.