16 May 2024

Vivaticket & Mashfrog: partners in hastening the digitalization of the sports market

Vivaticket and Mashfrog Group are teaming up to launch Ticket Wallet.


Vivaticket and Mashfrog Group are teaming up to launch Ticket Wallet, the fully customized solution allowing sports teams to manage access to venues in a fully digital way. It’s a game-changer for the sports world, allowing all fans to be just a click away from their ticket.

Entertainment and technology combine to digitize the ticketing sector. On one corner, Vivaticket, a world leader in integrated ticketing software solutions for the leisure, entertainment, sports, culture, and trade show sectors, sporting a portfolio comprising 80% of Italian football, basketball, and volleyball pro teams; on the other corner, Mashfrog Group, an international network of companies operating in the digital realm, boasting 10+ years of experience and subsidiaries in 7 countries, offering a complete ecosystem of solutions fostering the digital transformation of SMEs, companies and international corporations, as well as public administrations, institutions, and service companies.  These players chose to form a partnership as a way to promote new digitalization opportunities in the sports market.

Ticket Wallet stems from such collaboration and represents a giant leap in the innovation of the leisure and sports market. By integrating Vivaticket and SSO technology, everyone can access a sports venue by simply showing a QR Code from their mobile device, and much more. Fans will also be able to access a series of exclusive services, like bespoke content, gamification, push notifications, offers, and more. This application comes with many perks: improved safety in managing venue tickets, excellent reliability provided by a technology that works even in network overload or blackout conditions, and above all, delivering a fun and engaging user experience. Sports clubs can, in turn, develop stronger ties with their fans, building loyalty and improving relations.

The first operational rollout of Ticket Wallet showed great promise: over 10,000 downloads in a few days prove that this solution filled a market gap, effectively catering to the fans’ needs by providing a simpler and straightforward way to manage their attendance at sporting events. Hence, the partnership between Vivaticket and Mashfrog is just the start of an ongoing and evolving journey.

We believe this partnership represents a fundamental step in the evolution of the sports market. The direction that the entertainment world has taken for some years now is to guarantee a complete and all-encompassing experience for its fans. Fans are increasingly looking for a one-to-one relationship with their favorite team, and only a tool that allows for a very high level of content personalization can meet their needs, thus allowing clubs to seize many new opportunities that are still "on hold" by the low level of digitization in this sector.as stated by Silvano Taiani, CEO of Vivaticket.

The partnership with Vivaticket represents a key step in our mission to deliver innovation in the ticketing sector. We’re thrilled to implement our high-quality cutting-edge solutions in the entertainment world.” as stated by Edoardo Narduzzi, CEO of Mashfrog Group. Antonio Grillo, Global Data Solutions, Cyber Fusion and Products BU Director di Mashfrog Group chimes in: “Ticket Wallet is an unprecedented solution in the sports world. It perfectly suits the needs of sports clubs, guaranteeing full customization as well as an engaging and fruitful connection for both fans and teams.