15 December 2023

Tech2Doc: Salesforce and IT Engineering serving a complete transformation

Mashfrog has been chosen by ENPAM to contribute to the evolution of Tech2Doc, the digital health related educational and informative platform for doctors and dentists.


Medicine is a constantly evolving field, and now more than ever, technology plays a key role in this transformation process. From artificial intelligence to genetic engineering, from telemedicine to robotic surgery, new technologies are redefining the medical landscape in ways that were unimaginable just a generation ago. This is why, in 2021, the Ente Nazionale di Previdenza e Assistenza Medici (ENPAM) launched Tech2Doc, a free platform for doctors and dentists created to provide training and information on innovation and new technologies for the medical practice.

Now, two years later, ENPAM has decided to evolve the platform through a complete redesign, the development of a dedicated app and the integration of Salesforce into a new CMS, and Mashfrog has been chosen as one of the key partners to achieve this goal.

The transformation of the platform is much more than a simple graphic restyling; it is a real process of renewal and enhancement. Tech2Doc will in fact have an updated UX/UI, designed to enable the integration of the new features desired by ENPAM into the platform.

The integration with Salesforce

In the technological architecture defined for the new platform, Salesforce will assume a multifunctional role. CRM will be used for:

  • as an Identity Provider, interacting with ENPAM's legacy systems to allow users to register and authenticate on the new portal;
  • as a tool for the generation and multichannel distribution of popularity or other surveys;
  • to configure a chat-bot that allows the user to search for content within the portal;
  • to track user behaviour within the new portal using marketing cloud personalisation features and, through the use of tracked navigation metrics, build appropriate engagement campaigns through various channels such as email and WhatsApp.

A digital synergy

This project represents a significant step in the consolidation of Mashfrog's role as a system integrator of reference. From service design to integration, Mashfrog positions itself as a unique partner, guiding digital transformation in a comprehensive and synergetic way. ENPAM's choice to entrust Mashfrog with the implementation of some important components for its Tech2Doc development strategy underlines its trust in our ability to produce results of excellence.