18 January 2024

For the second time, Mashfrog Group is Top Employer in Italy

For the second consecutive year, Mashfrog Group is among the 147 companies certified as the best employers in Italy. A confirmation of the effectiveness of HR policies between wellbeing, welfare, smartworking, inclusion and much more.


Mashfrog Group has obtained the Top Employers Italia Certification for the second consecutive year. This important recognition confirms our company's constant commitment to creating a work environment of excellence and promoting employee well-being.

Top Employers certification is awarded only to companies that achieve and meet the high standards required by the HR Best Practices Survey. The survey covers six HR macro-areas and analyses in depth 20 different topics and respective Best Practices, including People Strategy, Work Environment, Talent Acquisition, Learning, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Wellbeing and many others. All areas in which the Group has invested heavily in recent years, with activities aimed at improving working conditions and fostering the well-being and inclusion of its employees.

Mashfrog's focus on inclusion and respect for all diversities, with a specific focus on women and parenthood, mental wellbeing and, more generally, the worklife balance of all employees, has contributed to this achievement. This is because we are convinced that working in an inclusive, positive and meritocratic environment stimulates creativity and concentration, translating into greater productivity and innovation for the company.

Giulia Vitetta, Group Chief People Organisation & Procurement Officer, comments: "We are very proud to have achieved this certification again. This recognition confirms how important people are to us and so are all the policies we have developed in their favour. It is an attestation of what we have done, but also and above all an incentive to keep working in this area, trying to improve every day.”

David Plink, CEO of Top Employers Institute, states: "It is in difficult times that excellence emerges. And the proof is in front of our eyes, with the results of the Top Employers 2024 certification. We have seen for ourselves how extraordinary the performance of the certified companies has been, how Top Employers have demonstrated that they care about the well-being of their people and are committed to improving working conditions, thus contributing to the collective improvement of the world of work. It is with pride that we celebrate this excellence: the 2024 Top Employers!"

Recognition of Top Employers Italia Certification for the second consecutive year underlines Mashfrog Group's ongoing commitment to maintaining standards of excellence in corporate policies and human resource management practices. This result contributes to consolidating Mashfrog Group's reputation as a leading company in the Italian corporate landscape.