30 March 2020

Hop-e: mashfrog’s response to the Innova per l’Italia call for proposals

A mobile App to track movements, map contacts and counter the spread of Covid-19.


It is called “Innova per l’Italia” and it is the call for proposals that the Italian Ministry of Technological Innovation, together with the Italian Ministry of Health, the “Istituto Superiore di Sanità” (Italian National Institute of Health) and the WHO has addressed to large companies, SMEs, startups, universities and research institutes to help quickly find innovative and effective tools in the fight against the global spread of the new coronavirus

A “fast call” of only 3 days (24–26 March) to submit your proposal in one of the following macro-areas:
1) Procurement or innovation of personal protective equipment 
2) Procurement of kits and devices for the rapid diagnosis of Covid-19 
3) Procurement or design of innovative technologies and tools that facilitate the monitoring, prevention and control of Covid-19, especially in terms of:
1. Self-monitoring of health conditions and diagnosis. 
2. Localisation, continuous tracking, alerting and timely control of the level of risk exposure. 

Research and technological innovation are an essential tool when it comes to responding quickly and effectively to emergencies. This is demonstrated by the excellent results obtained by the use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in other countries of the world, such as South Korea. 
We at mashfrog have therefore immediately joined the call to proposals and proposed Hop-e, a technological solution that allows mapping of contacts and provides useful tools for self-diagnosis.

What is Hop-e, and how does it work?

Mashfrog responded to the call by proposing a platform capable of providing all users with tools useful for identifying and limiting the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
The proposed system, called Hop-e, allows recording of the user’s movements to facilitate the identification of possible exposures to people affected by COVID-19.
Using the location services of the mobile device, the system will track contacts with other people.
Through the application of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the system will be able to determine the correlation between users and determine the chain of contacts between individuals.
The system guarantees the privacy of users; location information will be processed in real time and immediately destroyed, storing only possible interactions between individuals.
In this way, it will be possible to create a graph of relationships between people, not bound to geographical coordinates.
The application will also provide tools for the self-assessment of coronavirus symptoms, based on questionnaires and videos that will help users to monitor their health conditions. 

Technological innovation in the medical-health sector by mashfrog

Mashfrog’s many years of experience in the healthcare sector enables it to adapt solutions already implemented and tested on customers or healthcare facilities in a very short time. 
In the field of technologies that help self-evaluation and self-diagnosis, we have created C3po. This is a platform capable of detecting behavioural and physiological parameters in patients suffering from acute and chronic pain in order to objectively quantify them in accordance with today’s Visual Analogic Scale (VAS) and Numerical Rating Scale (NRS).
MyDott, on the other hand, is the mobile solution designed to allow healthcare professionals to be in continuous and direct contact with their patients. 
3Med is the software for three-dimensional reconstruction of medical images based on Unity3D technology. A system capable of creating a 3D model for the visual and analytical evaluation of tumour masses.

These are just some of the solutions conceived and developed in mashfrog to contribute to the Digital Transformation of a sector that, like the medical one, more than any other today requires continuous innovation, research and experimentation and speed of execution. 

Technology and innovation in all its forms, through processes, products and solutions, can contribute significantly to responding to the emergency”, reads the presentation page of the Innova per l’Italia call for proposals. Everyone’s commitment and help is needed.