04 April 2024

Mashfrog is a partner of the “Mission Cybersecurity: collective self-defense” event

The Group will attend the event to foster a stronger connection between institutions, companies, and the general public with stronger collective defense strategies against cyber threats.


On the 10th of April, Mashfrog Group will attend the “Mission Cybersecurity: collective self-defense” event, scheduled in an extraordinary venue like Milan’s Palazzo Lombardia,  in the capacity of partner and top voice on the cybersecurity topic.

The conference represents a key opportunity to put the spotlight on challenges and strategies leading to an effective governance of cybersecurity and to a proactive way to address crises against cyber threats.

We’re currently living in an era where digital safety has become a fundamental asset of modern society, calling for all stakeholders, from public administrations to companies, to enact constant vigilance.

Hence, the event aims to be a real forum where public administrations and the private sector can share experiences, strategies, and innovations in the data protection field.

Moderated by Alessandro Plateroti from Newsmondo and Franco Ferraro from news outlet SkyTg24, the conference program will include three panels dedicated to various facets of cybersecurity: training in public administrations, current and future scenarios in corporate cybersecurity and its emerging technologies.

In this latest panel, Antonio Grillo, Head of the new Global Data Solutions Cyber Fusion & Products Business Unit, will showcase Mashfrog’s expertise and commitment to hastening the transition towards strengthening defense strategies, through the implementation and diffusion of products allowing companies and Public Administrations to combine operational continuity with cybersecurity.

Among the strategic outlooks outlined by Mashfrog Group, one that deserves the spotlight is the cybersecurity OT (Operational Technology). Specifically, foreign investments represent the Group’s commitment to fielding a series of cutting-edge solutions for cybersecurity, fostering global protection of critical infrastructures

Regarding the Group’s attendance at the event, Antonio Grillo stated: “Participating in the round table together with a very heterogeneous group of players that are aware of the importance of said issues will be really stimulating, as well as engaging with different and reputable points of view. Overall, it will be a privilege to enrich the debate with Mashfrog Group’s vision on this topic”.

Finally, the "Mission Cybersecurity: collective self-defense" event represents a crucial step in the sharing and comparison of best practices in the cybersecurity field, with Mashfrog Group boasting a level of expertise that makes it a key player providing cutting-edge solutions addressing the challenges of the contemporary digital world.