10 September 2021

Mashfrog Group will take care of the rollout of the Infor M3 solution for Ambriola (Auricchio)

The leading company in the production and distribution of cheeses has chosen the mashfrog Group for the rollout and management of the Infor M3 system for Ambriola.


Auricchio has chosen the mashfrog Group for the rollout of the Infor M3 solution of Ambriola, the US subsidiary that handles the imports of one of the Italian specialties overseas.

Auricchio, the "Made in Italy" brand that has won over the world 

A leading "Made in Italy" company like Auricchio hardly needs any introduction, since its reputation precedes it. Founded in 1877 by Gennaro Auricchio in San Giuseppe Vesuviano, in the province of Naples, it has won over palates across the globe thanks to its unique flavor. 

Auricchio is undoubtedly one of the best examples of how our country may offer products that are envied all around the world. For this reason also, we are particularly proud to support this company in its process of continuous development, as demonstrated by its many years of presence in the United States. 

What our experts will do for Auricchio

The customer's need was to update their systems and to do so not just at their headquarters, currently located in Cremona. In this case, the need was actually to conduct the rollout of the Infor M3 solution verticalized on food and beverages in its US offices, more focused on product distribution.

Our task will be to start from the Italian reference model and bring it to M3, adapting it in the best possible way to the US local and federal regulations as well as taxation system, in which we will of course take into account all current regulations.

The whole process will have an expected duration of about seven months, during which we will analyze the existing model and take care of the go live and the subsequent support, with the aim of solving any critical issues that should arise and provide the customer with the best response to all its needs.

A hybrid, international team

One of the strengths that won over the customer is undoubtedly represented by the hybrid team that we have made available. For Auricchio, there will in fact be seven experts, both Europeans and Americans. The team structured in this way brings considerable advantages to the customer, who will be able to count first of all on the physical presence in the country of our American Infor M3 experts, but at the same time also making use of the European team, which offers highly developed skills, in the technical domain as well, along with particularly favorable economic demand.

We are particularly proud of this project since it allows us to support one of the most exemplary Italian firms like Auricchio, but also because it gives further confirmation of its skills to the Group's Infor business unit, a concept reaffirmed by Enrico Capogrosso, Infor Practice Global Director: "We are working to grow a new generation of excellence at an international level in InforOS and Infor CloudSuites and the market is increasingly recognizing us for this work".