19 July 2021

Mashfrog ecovillage opened in Senegal: the chicken coop financed by Beteyà

With the funding of the mashfrog Group, the Don Bosco 2000 association was able to create a sustainable chicken coop in a remote area of Senegal, allowing local populations to enjoy a facility offering food and economic resources.


Among the social sustainability goals that mashfrog Group has set for itself is that of actively engaging in societies where the company operates, with a view to improving the living conditions for its employees and society at large.

We are therefore particularly proud of our active participation in one of Beteyà's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities: the Don Bosco 2000  Association project, which sought to build a chicken coop in TambacoundaSenegal.

The chicken coop is a solidarity start-up built respecting all criteria necessary to attain full environmental sustainability: solar panels have been installed inside to provide the energy required to operate the facility. 

The facility will be managed by four young Senegalese following a training period. This will provide them with the knowledge necessary to operate the 1000-chicken facility, which will be managed through automated processes. In fact, one of this chicken coop's novelties concerns innovation which –together with its minimum environmental impact – makes the plant a state-of-the-art facility. 

This project feature makes us particularly proud because it is aligned with the objectives set by the UN agenda for full sustainability to be achieved by 2030. In fact, the chicken coop will allow local population to run their own business and, in turn, meet their food needs while managing a small company and earning some income in an area known for its harsh living conditions. 

The four young people who will work in the chicken coop will not only manage the facility but also run all downstream economic activities. Specifically, the training received will allow them to manage the daily production cycle (45 days) and the facility's maintenance, as well as sales and the purchase of feed and materials. 

The chicken coop has several goals:
•    to produce meat intended for consumption to meet the needs of the local population
•    to sell the excess meat in nearby markets to create a production chain that will start a path of empowerment for young Africans
•    to create jobs and thus improve the living conditions of the local population

The construction of this chicken coop is part of the activities of Beteyà, a project of the Don Bosco 2000 Association. Among its initiatives, the association also boasts the creation of the Sicilian start-up to sell textile products made by young migrants, exploiting properties and assets confiscated from the mafia. In doing so, Beteyà enhances and reinvigorates the Sicilian territory and people in an inclusiveethical and sustainable context

A project of which mashfrog Group is particularly proud, as Antonio GrilloDirector of the Digital Business Unit, also declared: "We are extremely glad to know that the Velingara chicken coop has been completed; this work represents an important contribution in the promotion of entrepreneurship, that is, the ability to organise an economic enterprise while willingly facing its inherent risks. The entrepreneurial approach is deeply rooted within the people of Mashfrog Group. It helps in building a sense of solidarity that goes beyond the roles and responsibilities of each individual."

These words show a community of intentions between Mashfrog and the Don Bosco 2000 - Impresa Sociale association, as also recalled by Agostino SellaPresident: «Mashfrog is an important partner for us because it helps us combine innovation and solidarity. The fact that a company so established in the technology sector is committed to supporting the poorest villages in Senegal, means that the world is not only looking at innovation or digitisation, but that there are also stakeholders with a focus on solidarity issues – and this gives us hope."

More information on https://www.beteya.com