31 May 2024

Mashfrog and the academic world: May was a harbinger of innovation and education

Mashfrog Group reaffirmed its commitment to training and innovation in May by staging two landmark meetings with Italian universities IULM and Luiss Business School.


On May 8, Antonio Grillo, Global Data Solutions, Cyber Fusion & Products BU Director, and Fabio Dellutri, Demand & Projects Director of Mashfrog Group, hosted a webinar named “Digital corporate Innovation: Empowering PR, Customer Service, and Information Search with AI”. The event, organized by MARPI - Master Executive in Corporate Public Relations of IULM, was aimed at public relations and communication professionals.

Delving into three distinct business cases, the webinar speakers showcased how AI is revolutionizing three key areas of corporate communication: PR, customer service, and search engines. Through real-life cases, Grillo and Dellutri demonstrated how AI can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations, providing an exclusive glimpse into practical applications already in use.

The main goal of the event was to share Mashfrog Group’s vision and expertise with the Master attendees, providing them with the opportunity to acquire innovative and strategic skills essential for playing leading roles in modern organizations.

The second event of the month took place on May 22 at the Mashfrog headquarters in Rome, where we hosted students from the Big Data and Management Major at Luiss Business School. During the meeting, Antonio Grillo presented Mashfrog's profile and industrial vision in the field of data intelligence, while Andrea Montemaggio, Head of Intelligence and Data Solutions, showcased a series of corporate projects.

GainGPT was one of the flagship assets to which Mashfrog contributes as a technology partner, and Federico Gabrielli - Product Owner - showcased its value proposition by illustrating how Mashfrog is at the forefront of AI application in data management and analysis.

This meeting served as a valuable opportunity to exchange know-how and experiences, strengthening the ties between the academic and business worlds. Students had the chance to engage directly with our professionals while gaining insights into the challenges and opportunities of digital innovation.

The events featuring IULM and Luiss Business School universities were further testament to our educational vision and focus towards the academic world, but above all, represented the chance for Mashfrog to go beyond sharing its expertise and experience, fostering the professional growth of students and future professionals.

Our commitment to fostering innovation and training new generations of experts demonstrates our desire to be a leader in the ICT sector, and also a benchmark for training and developing skills in the digitization realm.