15 March 2024

Investing in training as a competitive advantage

Workshops, internal academies, certifications and soft skills: a heterogeneous and cross-cutting overview of training fields essential for the growth and competitiveness of the company and its employees.


Compensation, training, flexibility and sustainability. For platforms such as Linkedin and Indeed, they represent the four fundamental pillars of the job market in 2024. Although wages and remuneration policies have always held a high priority in the eyes of companies and workers, regardless of industry, profession or age, the importance of training is emerging in many companies as an almost game-changing novelty.

The need to acquire new skills, improve existing ones or learn completely new ones is a direct consequence of the rapid digital transformation that is affecting all industries. However, for those working in the digital world, it is neither a novelty nor a direct result of the tumultuous evolution of artificial intelligence or the revolution triggered by the pandemic. Academies, workshops, talent paths and the nurturing of hard and soft skills are indeed long-established constants for our company.

Technical skills and soft skills

The success of any company also depends on the ability of its employees to effectively manage processes and relationships, both within the company and with customers. This is why Mashfrog pays special attention to the development of soft skills combined with technical expertise, ranging from communication to system integration. English language courses, Agile and Scrum certifications and project management training are combined with individual talent paths and self-learning opportunities via platforms such as Linkedin Learning.

Creativity, AI and new challenges

Following the rise of artificial intelligence in creative production, communication-related professions are undergoing a major transformation that requires the development of new skills in addition to the traditional ones. In order to meet this need, Mashfrog has launched the CreActivity project, an ongoing workshop consisting of courses, seminars and workshops led by professionals in the field, in order to get familiar with the different artificial intelligence suites for visual creativity, improve copywriting or podcasting skills and experiment with new solutions and services for content strategy.

SAP and Salesforce, between Academies and certifications

In the ERP and CRM context, Mashfrog Group invests heavily in technical training through its in-house Academies in Milan, Rome and Belgrade, offering individual certification courses related to the evolution of solutions, as well as projects and market trends. This strategy rewards both the offer to customers and the building of individual and team skills, capable of tackling international projects and integrating platforms from an end-to-end perspective.

Giulia Vitetta, Chief People Organisation and Procurement Officer of Mashfrog Group, confirms: "The need for lifelong learning is universal: it is shared by managers, who have been with the company for years, and junior figures, who are about to enter the world of work. This is why it has always been at the heart of our people strategy towards all colleagues of all professional backgrounds. Because we live in an industry where - in the words of Peter Senge, the theorist of smart organisation - "the only competitive advantage an organisation has over its competitors is the ability to learn faster than others".