22 February 2022

Mashfrog Group's DE&I - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Project is underway

For 2022, Mashfrog is launching a series of initiatives to protect Inclusion and Diversity, additionally thanks to the support of five special "Allies".


Each of us is endowed with characteristics that make us unique and different from everyone else, in a heritage of uniqueness that stems from our own personal history. All companies should do their utmost to enhance these forms of Diversity, creating an environment that is welcoming, nurturing and respectful of every type of individuality. These are the objectives of the DE&I - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Project within the Mashfrog Group, a series of corporate initiatives aimed at strengthening our commitment to integrate Diversity into every activity, so that each employee is treated fairly and respectfully, regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity, language, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, or any other potential differentiating factor.

"Through this project, we lay down the rules for Inclusion and management of Diversity, equal opportunities and fair treatment", explains Edoardo Narduzzi, CEO of Mashfrog, in the introduction to the webinar showcasing the initiative to employees. "Recognising Diversity is a value that strengthens organisations and makes them higher performance and more enterprising, capable of getting to know and understanding each other and working better as a team. To date, Mashfrog is present in five countries and welcomes over a dozen different nationalities within the company. It is essential for us to learn to welcome and manage Inclusion well, allowing our employees to fully exploit their potential regardless of colour, gender, origin or any other attribute".

Diversity Allies

The DE&I Project in Mashfrog Group - managed by the HR team led by Giulia Vitetta (HR & General Service Director) and made up of Marta Marcheselli and Stefano Tremolada - represents the opportunity to give a voice to the weakest or least represented categories within the company (women, mothers, foreigners, people with disabilities and disorders, and the LGBTQIA + community) through a series of initiatives aimed at promoting an inclusive and tolerant company towards the diversity of all, also through the support of the 'Diversity Allies' who will be entrusted with the commitment to ensure these initiatives are respected and maintained.

Antonio Grillo, Business Unit Director of the Digital area, is one of the first two 'allies' who have chosen to concretely engage in the workplace. "The fact that we are here - he said during the webinar - bears witness to the fact that we are developing the right sensitivity towards the values of Diversity and Inclusion. We are faced with a very important opportunity to build the 'new normal' and make Mashfrog a true diversity leader. We are a global company, not only because we have offices in different parts of the world, but above all because we are beginning to think and act globally, sharing and enhancing Diversity within our company". 

Another 'Diversity Ally' within the company is Fabrizio Varrenti, CEO of Mashfrog Creative Solutions, a company of the Mashfrog Group: "I believe that Diversity in the company is an essential condition for having a broader vision. For us at Mashfrog Creative Solutions, who work in a particularly creative sector, the mixing of ideas is an even more important element that we have taken great care over within our company. Creating a melting-pot of different social backgrounds, of different approaches, is extremely important to create an open-minded vision that is able to generate continuous innovation within the company. Becoming an ally is a way of carrying these principles forward".

These two allies have been joined more recently by Stefano Madera, Delivery Manager BU SAP, Marco Camilotto, Technical & Education Director BU Infor, and Andrea Spadoni, COO BU Digital.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives in the Mashfrog Group

To guarantee the creation of a welcoming and inclusive work environment, initiatives will be undertaken in 5 different action areas: gender, parents, LGBTQIA + community, disability and foreigners. 

- In the area of gender equality, Mashfrog is committed to ensuring that wages are equal for men and women in the same role. The goal is to increase the presence of women in the company and monitor their presence at the various company levels. For this same reason, an all-female Academy has recently been launched. Furthermore, a complaint line has been active for some months now to report injustice, bullying or harassment and bring any areas of unease to the forefront.

- Among the initiatives aimed at those who are parents, Mashfrog is committed to guaranteeing the availability of flexible hours, smartworking or part-time work until the child is three years of age, as well as permits and leave for adopted or non-biological children. There is also a mum and dad bonus following their return to the company after maternity leave.

- Among the initiatives that will promote the inclusion of the LGBTQIA + community within the Group, Pride will be celebrated in June, through the use of the rainbow in the logo. Leave for marriages abroad, family permits and recognition of non-biological children are also guaranteed.

- For employees with disabilities, agreements will be implemented with organisations, associations and bodies specialised in the training and professional integration of the disabled and with schools and universities, to create training courses that help match supply and demand. In addition to these, there will be agreements with hospitals and doctors' offices to facilitate any specific medical visits

- Finally, for foreign employees, agreements with food delivery for Kosher and Halal foods will be activated and knowledge of the traditions and festivals of the various countries will be promoted through the sharing of informative infographics.

Mashfrog Group understands that diversity and differences are capable of creating value and innovation, through the appreciation of talents, ideas and skills: promoting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strengthens Employer Branding and Brand Awareness, promotes competitiveness in the sector and attractiveness to new customers and stakeholders interested in these issues. That's why Mashfrog Group's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policy is fully supported by the management and the Board of Directors. Managers are responsible for understanding their role in promoting diversity, communicating, and implementing policies and procedures effectively, working alongside the HR department. Building a workforce that offers opportunities to develop skills, experience, career advancement, learning and professional development is the responsibility of all managers.

Of course, this is only the beginning of a project that will, in the future, involve the engagement of new allies, the implementation of new initiatives which are already in the pipeline, and the monitoring of their results. 

Mashfrog is always looking for new talent. If you are interested, consult the open positions in the Career section via this link.