18 February 2022

Mashfrog's expands its creative offer: Mashfrog Creative Solutions is born

One year after the acquisition, the integration process between Mashfrog Group and AlteraWide, a content agency specializing in multimedia content, has been consolidated with the birth of a new brand.



AlteraWide, a company of the Mashfrog Group, changes its name and becomes Mashfrog Creative Solutions. The re-branding comes a year after the Group's acquisition of the creative agency and is perfectly in line with the process of integration and expansion of the creative digital solutions offering, which has been underway for several months. 


The new brand focuses on Creative Solutions, which have always been the company's flagship trademark. The C and S of the new name motif blend abstractly with the M in an explosion of colour. Light Blue and Shadow Blue thus supplement the Light Red, which references the original identity of the company. The colours are referenced again in the payoff, with a hue gradient that conveys the connection between the two realities. A new name, new ideas, a leap in creativity.



Established in 2013, the content agency specialises in the production of multimedia content and the design of digital campaigns, with the aim of providing clients with strategic advice and innovative communication solutions. In March 2021, it became part of the Mashfrog Group where, while maintaining its independence at corporate level, it has been gradually incorporated in both strategic and business terms, collaborating on various projects with colleagues from the Digital BU coordinated by Antonio Grillo. In December 2021, Fabrizio Varrenti, CEO of Mashfrog Creative Solutions, was appointed Sales Media Director of the BU's Creactivity Experiences offering, effectively sealing the bond between the two companies. The rebranding of the creative agency is therefore just the latest step in a process that has been underway for some time, and which today emphasises the strategic union between the two companies as they move to expand the group's range of creative solutions. 

Strategy, creativity and performances: these are the three pillars of the new commercial proposal of mashfrog Group's Creactivity Experiences segment. A strategy that combines data analysis and creativity, integrating channels and formats; a level of creativity that enables you to transform strategy into ideas that grow and develop until they become posts, images, videos, events, apps and websites. To cap it all, you also get a performance analysis, because every strategy, tactic and content is created to be effective, concrete and measurable.

Mashfrog Creative Solutions already counts among its customers well-known brands such as Enel X, ACF Fiorentina, Webuild and Linkem, and with this rebranding it aims to grow further to become a point of reference in the Italian multimedia production market. 

Fabrizio Varrenti, CEO of Mashfrog Creative Solutions, commented on this important change.

The rebranding of AlteraWide is a further step forward in the integration process within Mashfrog Group. Together, we are building an important path that combines technology and creativity in a unique way. Today, together, we are bringing a broad, highly competitive, innovative and demand-driven offer to the market. In this transformation, we are increasingly taking on the role of a strategic partner for our clients by offering comprehensive marketing and communication consulting”

Antonio Grillo, Digital Business Unit Director of Mashfrog Group, echoes this message:

The experience of my colleagues at Mashfrog Creative Solutions has naturally flowed into the business unit I coordinate, enhancing our integrated communications and marketing proposition. The key to success can be summed up in two words: integration and amplification. The integration of skills has enabled us to build a broader and more effective value proposition that grows beyond products and services: we bring added value to our customers as a complete partner, offering strategy, creativity and performance.