20 December 2023

From "as is" to "to be": all-round Salesforce consulting for Alef Education

Mashfrog DMCC wins the Alef Education tender and is entrusted with the development of a Salesforce solution, proposed by our professionals as a result of an in-depth assessment phase.


A new challenge involves the Salesforce team: supporting Alef Education in its international growth project through the implementation of a more advanced Salesforce solution. A complex activity, made even more interesting by the holistic approach adopted by Mashfrog's professionals, which involves a all-round consultancy of the client, from the definition of needs to final delivery. An Assessment Service increasingly in demand in the market, which is also part of the offer portfolio presented to Alef Education.

Alef Education: tailor-made B2B and B2G e-learning

Alef Education is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, but has a global presence with operations in the Mena Region, USA and Indonesia. It distinguishes itself by selling licences of various proprietary platforms to governmental organisations, universities and individuals in the education field. They operate along two main lines, B2B and B2G, offering licences on standard platforms and customised solutions respectively. A highly diversified digital company, both in terms of territories and internal functions, which required our support to standardise business processes and better manage its business.

A new Salesforce solution to support business growth

The objective of the tender launched by Alef and won by Mashfrog DMCC was to create a new Salesforce solution that would homogenise, standardise and centralise business processes and ensure consistency in information management. The current configuration in use does not meet the requirements of the client, who therefore needs a solution upgrade to achieve the levels of growth they are aiming for. Mashfrog's proposal was to develop a project aimed at supporting the various areas of the company with a Salesforce solution that would enable them to optimise customer relations, manage the various deals and have a global view of the products they sell. Basically, to have a control panel and management of the business.

Not just technical consulting, but business consulting: our Assessment Service

Salesforce is a very popular platform on the market, and therefore support is increasingly required not only in the implementation of the solution, but also and above all in the identification of the business objectives of the company requesting it. Our Assessment Service responds precisely to this need: our professionals work alongside the client to carry out a preliminary analysis of the company's processes and to understand the sales philosophy and how the various departments work together. Following this meticulous analysis of the organisational machine, our Salesforce team, on the basis of their experience and knowledge, designs the current solution and plans the to-be, i.e. what the Salesforce solution best suited to their needs might be, so that it matches their objectives and indeed encourages them to achieve and exceed them.

The distinguishing element of this service is the ability of our professionals to intercept needs that not all companies are able to express or diagnose, providing not only technical but also business consulting. This is what we have done with Alef Education as well, and in which we have been investing heavily over the past year, structuring the team with resources and qualified people to professionally support all clients with this type of service. As always, a further added value of our offer is the presence of an international and heterogeneous team, because it is composed of more technical figures and more strategic business consulting figures, capable of achieving all the challenging goals proposed by the clients.