07 December 2022

Mashfrog Group becomes a Workday marketing influencer and promoter of digital innovation

One of the leading HR and Finance solution tools in the world.


Seeking new ways of working, leveraging technology to improve corporate wellbeing, encouraging active employee engagement and developing a shared digital culture to build proximity, empathy and collaboration. A vision of Utopia? No, these are the principles behind Workday, one of the world's leading HR and Finance solutions. Mashfrog Group has also chosen to show its support for these ideas by becoming a partner and promoter of this digital innovation and by taking part in Workday Rising Europe 2022, Europe's biggest Workday event, which this year was held in Stockholm from 15-17 November. We talked about it with Andrea Tronci, Head of HCM. Before joining Mashfrog, Andrea worked at Sanofi, who have been using this tech solution since 2015.

What is Workday?

Workday is a company founded in 2005, which offers a range of business life management tools on a single platform. It's a user-friendly tool, designed not only for management but also to serve the entire company population. Workday is unravelling the old vision of a management platform controlled by just a few people and where everyone else had low visibility. This is an open tool that allows everyone to play an active part in company life. This approach requires a high level of change management, as every level of the company is brought into play and can access the system freely from any device, wherever they are. This does not mean that HR has less to do. Instead, it can focus on the more advanced features of the tool in terms of data analytics, forecasting, turnover and forward-looking predictive actions, to equip managers with analytical info so they can plan activities for their teams, without ever leaving the platform.

In summary, Workday allows:

  • the management of every aspect of company life through a single tool;
  • all employees to become active players for change;
  • access to the system on any device, with no program installation required;
  • managers to have full management of their staff, both in terms of budget and performance;
  • transparency when sharing information, and staff engagement. 

What is the partnership between Mashfrog Group and Workday all about?

Workday arrived in Italy about ten years ago and was quickly implemented by various large companies, including important names such as Sanofi, but also Zentiva, Prysmian Group and Deutsche Bank, just to name a few. “For some time now, Workday has been designing specific packages for SMEs, who can buy a pre-built but expandable package designed for businesses with fewer than 150 employees. This is where we are currently positioned, as marketing influencers. We don't deal with the software from a technical point of view, but by sponsoring this innovative and unique solution we are promoting a new philosophy of corporate life ", explained Andrea Tronci, Head of HCM, who has already used Workday in the past.

This is an important goal, considering that Workday has chosen only a few big names as partners - and the Mashfrog Group is one of them. "We are the first company in Italy to obtain this badge, which will allow us to assist Workday in publicising their digital transformation and to support businesses on this new adventure" continues Andrea. "Internally, we have already started this collaboration with the Prysmian Group and are looking to introduce other clients to this innovative software".