20 December 2022

Together with Ewiva in the launch of the new brand

Mashfrog Group is behind the launch of Ewiva, a new network of ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles in Italy.


Mashfrog Group has devised the market launch campaign for Ewiva, a joint venture created to enable and accelerate the adoption of electric mobility in Italy. The Digital Business Unit and Mashfrog Creative Solutions professionals have helped disseminate and promote this important and ambitious goal through the design, development and management of communication activities for the launch of the new brand.

Ewiva, the path towards change 

Ewiva is a joint venture between Enel X Way and the Volkswagen Group, created with the aim of accelerating the electrification of mobility in Italy through the construction of a network of 3,000 ultra-fast charging stations throughout the country by 2025. The intention behind this new project is to promote a faster transition to electric mobility through the widespread presence of reliable, state-of-the-art charging points throughout the country, both in urban centres and on intercity roads, in order to provide easy and quick access to everyone.

The creative campaign devised by Mashfrog

For the launch of Ewiva, Mashfrog devised a creative campaign that has accompanied the brand from the pre-launch phase to the official event. 

Teaser campaign

We devised a digital campaign based on the creative concept “You’re on the right road” to generate expectation and interest, as well as to start positioning the brand and attract target consumers interested in the issues of sustainability and the electrification of consumption. In this phase, we focused on social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn), to build the story and start conveying the values and mission of Ewiva, and a video strategy with a strong emotive impact, to inspire the imagination of users and communicate the enthusiasm that an important change can bring. 


Launch event “Happy to change, Ready to e-Move!”

The new company’s launch event, conceived and organised by Mashfrog Creative Solutions, was held in Rome on 13 December, in the first Ewiva network premium site in Via Flaminia 871. The Top Management of Ewiva, Enel X Way and the Volkswagen Group, together with Institutional representatives and industry experts, presented the new company, describing its history, mission and challenging goals. 

With this event, the communication campaign has entered a new phase of positioning the brand and its commercial offer with target consumers. The integrated multi-channel campaign included the launching of the www.ewiva.com website, together with the three social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) and advertising activities to support them. 

Mashfrog’s strengths: cross-sectoral professionalism and integration of skills

All the activities behinds the launch of Ewiva were “made in Mashfrog”, from devising the creative concept to creating the teaser videos, and from drafting the publishing content to developing the website, planning the ad campaigns and managing digital PR. A hybrid team of professionals was involved, consisting of client project managers, team leaders, web designers, developers and social media managers. This perfectly illustrates the ongoing integration between the Digital Business Unit led by Antonio Grillo and Mashfrog Creative Solutions, the multimedia content agency coordinated by Fabrizio Varrenti, and confirms Mashfrog’s wide cross-sectoral skills in the digital field, as an ideal partner for the design of integrated and multi-channel campaigns.

Working on the Ewiva project is a great opportunity for Mashfrog Group, because it allows us to put our company know-how at the service of environmental sustainability initiatives that can radically transform consumer mobility habits. The scope of this goal allows the team to be involved beyond the design aspects, and the result achieved directly expresses the diversity of the professionals involved

commented Antonio Grillo, Director of the Digital Business Unit.

We are very pleased that Ewiva chose us as a partner for the market launch of its brand. It’s been a very articulated campaign, with us involved in the design and production of the teasing strategy and content, as well as in the creation of the corporate website, up to the launch event in December. The theme of electric mobility, which is the background to the launch, allows us to work today towards the trends of the future

echoed Fabrizio Varrenti, CEO of Mashfrog Creative Solution and Sales Media Director at Mashfrog Group.