05 October 2022

Paying with Bitcoins? With PayOnCrypto it is now possible!

From Mashfrog's experience comes the all-in-one solution PayOnCrypto, the new frontier of cryptocurrency payments: buying products and services for everyday life.


Cryptocurrencies are now an established phenomenon. Global by birth and vocation, between collapses and escalation, they fascinate and frighten at the same time. A mysterious object for most, a business opportunity for an increasingly less restricted circle, they catalyze investments and resources, gaining more and more space in real life. The new frontier of cryptocurrencies today is open to everyday living. No longer just a store of value but a real payment tool. Already today the well-known fast food chain McDonald's has begun to accept bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method in the city of Lugano, in England you can also buy tickets to the stadium, and make very real purchases of clothes, shoes and accessories in the big stores of high fashion brands. 

The well-known Exchange Crypto.com estimates that by 2022 there will be about 1 billion digital currency holders, following the exponential growth that has seen users go from 106M, in January 2021, to almost 300M in December of the same year ( +178%).

Cryptocurrency payment systems are the digital present of a growing phenomenon. Why? Transparency, speed, traceability...but not only. A Deloitte recent study confirms that 40% of customers who pay online with decentralized digital currencies are new customers and their average shopping basket is about double that of traditional credit card users. Paying to be paid with cryptocurrencies means new quality business, more sales and new consumers. For this reason, Mashfrog has created PayOnCrypto an all-in-one solution that allows each business to accept, manage and monitor payments with Bitcoin and Litecoin in safety, transparency and autonomy.

PayOnCrypto is a killer application, the daughter of an industry experience that has lasted for 7 years - Mashfrog's first project in cryptocurrencies dates back to 2015. It has been designed to offer customers the best technological and strategic solution to adopt crypto payments on existing assets, quickly and without disrupting existing systems. What makes PayOnCrypto unique? Direct and peer-to-peer payments, full transaction control, no transaction and processing fees, no intermediaries, instantly converter Bitcoin to Fiat currency, features for different business needs (click-and-mortar), billing system, add-on modules…and much more.

Who chooses Mashfrog's crypto payment solution? And why?

Because it’s easily embeddable on every website and market place with highly customisable buttons to make payments on online stores and mobile apps.
Available for the main E-Commerce platforms or custom integration.

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network protocol allows you to receive quick payments from customers in store, directly on your web-App, with the simple scanning of a QR code. 

With PayOnCrypto you have full control of your activities, you can create and manage an unlimited number of physical stores with dedicated wallets. It offers a high level of customization, with an operational control dashboard adaptable to customer needs.


Mashfrog Group is registered with the Organismo degli Agenti e dei Mediatori OAM (Registration Number: PSV140)

The OAM is the organisation exclusively and autonomously responsible for managing the lists of agents in financial activities and credit brokers. OAM's mission is to protect consumers by guaranteeing, among other things, the professionalism of its members and the maintenance over time of the requirements necessary to exercise the profession, as well as the control and supervision of operators' activities in order to verify compliance with the relevant regulations.