07 May 2024

From maths to Mulesoft: Auler’s European dream

Born in Venezuela, with a passion for maths and a lifelong dream of living in Europe: here’s Auler’s story, Salesforce Business Consultant in Mashfrog Group for almost one year.

intervista Auler Corboda

Why did you choose to live in Italy?

Living in Europe has been my childhood dream. In Venezuela all the talk is focused on the “American Dream” but I wanted to go against the current and follow my instincts to create my own European dream. I seized the opportunity during my university days when the country’s troubled political and social situation left me no other option than to chart a new course in my life by going abroad. To decide which European country I’d live in, I’ve developed a statistical-mathematical method: I’ve drafted a chart with a series of categories to assess on one side, and a series of countries on the other, Italy included. Among the factors I considered were: quality of life and cost of living, affinity with my language and culture, as well as educational and professional opportunities. Every category featured a different score based on its importance to me, and I proceeded to assess each one of them against individual cities rather than countries. After two months of research and analysis, I concluded that the best European city to live in was Turin, Italy.

What have you done after your relocation to Turin?

Once my choice landed with Turin, it took two years to make this dream a reality. Bureaucratic issues alone, I had to save some money to afford the move. After two years of hard work, I was finally ready and in September 2017 I landed in Turin. My first order of business was learning the language to follow the lessons and take my university exams. Hence, I rented a room with some Italians, got a customer-facing job, and above all, signed up at the Mathematics Faculty: it’s a full immersion that got me speaking Italian in about a month.

How did you progress from mathematics to Salesforce?

During the pandemic, I read the biography of Marc Benioff, CEO and founder of Salesforce, and left me enthralled by his story, as well as the cutting-edge and pioneering technology he created. It felt like a good match with the subjects I was already studying, especially those connected with programming. Hence, in 2021 I signed up for a Salesforce course to acquire my admin and developer certifications which led me in a short time to an internship in an IT consulting firm. After this brief experience, I had an interview with Mashfrog and that’s how it all began.

What’s your role in Mashfrog?

I began working for Mashfrog in February 2023 as a Salesforce developer. Initially, I worked for a short time on a medical project, but after a short time, I was offered an opportunity to work on in-house training for Mulesoft, a recently acquired software from Salesforce. At first, I was a bit wary about working in the field of API integrations, I threw myself in this new adventure and now I feel totally satisfied with this choice. I primarily focus on development, converting functional requests within the application to enable data transfer between two applications.

What do you like about Mulesoft?

Mulesoft is a system integration software that fosters data exchange between various applications. I always loved to work with numbers, so I was thrilled to manage data flowing between systems. It’s also a cutting-edge technology that’s in tune with my craving for knowledge and novelties, as well as being an unmissable opportunity for my professional growth.

Last but not least, what are your career expectations?

I aim to further specialize in Mulesoft by acquiring all necessary certifications, with the long-term goal of becoming a systems architect. In the Global Customer Digital Solutions Business Unit where I work, we’re encouraged to acquire various certifications each year, and we have a team leader who helps us choose those that are most suitable for our growth plan. I treasure this opportunity and hope it will help me achieve my ambitious goals soon.