04 April 2024

IT and work-life balance: Carlo’s perfect combination

Carlo Cucchi, System Administrator since September 2023, tells us how he fell in love with IT and how Mashfrog was instrumental in achieving the balance between work duties and family life.

intervista carlo cucchi

Let’s start with your educational background.

I was passionate about IT already in primary school and this led me to choose an IT-focused high school, and as a natural follow-up, an undergraduate course in Computer science at Milan University. Both academic experiences were almost entirely focused on theory, and I craved some hands-on experience. That’s why My career got an early start, working as a freelance, providing IT consultancy services for SMEs and private citizens. In the early years, I dealt with creating small websites and assembling PCs, but I also cultivated my great passion for data recovery. However, consulting work does not give you economic security, so at one point I looked for a more stable job.

So, you got employed by a series of companies…

Yes, that's right. Between 2012 and 2013 I worked for a telecommunications company where I was tasked with supporting technicians in their field work. However, the most formative and long-lasting professional experience I had was at a large international publishing house, where I worked for about ten years. I initially managed a six-month project to migrate the entire technological infrastructure from the old headquarters in Belgium to the new Italian headquarters. I became IT Manager, taking over the data center and the complete suite of corporate business-critical services. After the pandemic, I felt the need to change and consider new opportunities, and this led me to join Mashfrog in September 2023.

What’s your role in Mashfrog?

I’m based in the Milan office, where I work as a System Administrator. I manage the Microsoft 365 platform, the group's servers, and internal applications, providing assistance and maintenance for PCs assigned to employees. In addition, I am working on a series of projects to optimize the internal technological infrastructure, intending to improve the efficiency and security levels of the company's systems.

What did you like about this company?

From the get-go, I was struck by the informal and youthful atmosphere: my colleagues are very helpful and the workplace is filled with a relaxed and serene vibe, even though everyone works very fast. I also love the flexible approach to managing hours and tasks. There’s no rigid control over work because each person is responsible for their activities and independently chooses the methods and hours to complete them. This is a key aspect in helping me manage my family commitments.

What’s your take on the corporate policies to foster a work-life balance?

The possibility of working from home a few days a week and managing my office days according to my needs, combined with the flexible hours I mentioned before, makes this company the perfect match for my expectations. I’m a father of two small children, so these arrangements help me organize my private and family life in the best possible way.