12 April 2021

Mashfrog Group: The path towards social sustainability; from inclusiveness to work-life balance

The 2019 Sustainability Report expresses the Mashfrog Group's commitment to social sustainability, demonstrating the first steps taken that target an inclusive and sustainable economic growth.


The UN plan for 2030 has made clear the need to invest in social sustainability, as well as in environmental and economic sustainability, because without social cohesion the conditions for attaining development that is totally sustainable, are lacking. The main purpose of the objectives set by the UN is to include everyone in the innovation and development process. Economic growth must therefore take place in a context of decent working conditions, free from discrimination, in which the people can feel at the center of expansion.

More importantly than technology, the Mashfrog Group, places its people at the center of its business, because all our employees are an indispensable factor for the success of the company and because innovation is connected to the circle of relationships. The 2019 Sustainability Report shows the Group's commitment to its people, to whom we provide the best working conditions so that each of them can best express their potential.

Our commitment to social sustainability

Mashfrog Group aims to create a healthy competitive environment whereby every employee can constantly improve their skills and enjoy the results achieved. This is why we provide all our employees with the best opportunities for growth, as the self-improvement of each person is essential for the improvement of the company.

To achieve full social sustainability we are committed to providing:

• equal opportunities and diversity: equal pay levels and equality for women and men in the same role/position;
• employee well-being: health and safety, work-related stress, smart working, parental leave, balance between work and social life;
• training and development: skill assessments, training and career development activities;
• corporate welfare: insurance, policies, flexible benefits, agreements, corporate welfare policy which may be used by all employees, regardless of their role/position; 
• stakeholder involvement: ability to understand the expectations of its stakeholders in order to be able to meet them;
• ethical management of the supply chain: selection and management of the suppliers not only based on the quality of the service but also in compliance with the company's ethical codes of conduct.

Investing in the future: the importance of the new generations

We firmly believe that the company cannot operate regardless of the social context in which it operates. At Mashfrog, we are aware of the challenges of the current labor market and we pay great attention to the new generations. As a matter of fact, it can be read in the Report, that in 2019 the average age of our employees stood at 35 years old and 97.6% of them are hired with a permanent contract.

We are also committed to reducing the gender gap, which is why we have decided that from this year we will hire an increasing number of women professionals, in order to eliminate the gap in opportunities between men and women in the world of work.

After recruitment, Mashfrog continues to invest in its employees, through specific training programs aimed at updating both the soft and hard skills of all the human resources of the group. 920 hours of training were provided in 2019.  This is 84% more than in 2018.

Furthermore, in 2017, the annual performance evaluation process has been introduced which provides for the possibility for each employee of Mashfrog to be subject to a salary increase every year, in view of a positive performance assessment by their manager.

People at the center of everything: Smart Working and corporate welfare

A principle that the whole group attaches particular importance to is the work-life balance, which is, providing employees with the best balance between work and private life.  Precisely for this reason, in 2019, before the start of the pandemic, the Mashfrog Group began an experimentation phase of Smart Working.  This attracted 50% of the people in the Group’s various offices who adhered to and, who decided to focus on the enhancement of the responsibilities, talents and skills of their staff.

Finally, to meet the needs of its staff, identified through recurring surveys, Mashfrog Group has planned a renewal of corporate welfare since the beginning of 2021, that is able to take into account all the new challenges posed by the arrival of the pandemic.