01 September 2022

Mashfrog Creative Solutions and ACF Fiorentina: how to describe a passion

One of the most interesting active projects within our company is signed MCS. Let's find out more through the words of the project manager and the main works carried out for Viola.


Describing a passion through images that can make thousands of fans rejoice and dream: this is the engaging and considerable challenge that our colleagues at Mashfrog Creative Solutions have been tackling for three years with ACF Fiorentina, becoming a 360° communication partner this year. MCS is in fact entrusted with the prestigious role of enriching multimedia communication for Viola, taking care of the visual and audiovisual part of the campaigns accessible through social media and web channels.


Davide Lemma: "A project that is expanding thanks to the excellent results achieved"

"We came into contact with Fiorentina three years ago through Linkem, one of our long-standing clients who sponsored Fiorentina," explained Davide Lemma, Project Manager who managed the ACF Fiorentina project.

"The work we have done for them, in fact, has allowed us to create a reputation for ourselves as well as for the Viola company. From that moment, we started to make both videos for social media communication of the club and for content co-produced with different partners, from Kappa to Program, to Prima Assicurazioni. After a particularly satisfying 2021/22 season, our job, in particular, is to support the team in external communication and sponsorship activities with partners, managing audiovisual production from creativity to production and post-production."

"The excellent results achieved (more than 40 productions) have allowed us to renew the framework agreement with the company for the 2022-2023 season, extending the activities also to the digital division. In addition to the activities already planned, this year we have also been entrusted with communication related to aspects that are still little known, but equally exciting, such as those of the eSport team and the special projects of ACF Fiorentina, dedicated for example to the disabled."

Here are some of the multimedia products made in these years for Viola.

Christmas Pack 2022

To celebrate the return of the fans to the stadium, the team of Mashfrog Creative Solutions created a promotional video for the small season ticket campaign of Fiorentina.

The concept of the video develops the subjective point of view of the stadium seat. The seats come in all shapes and sizes and constitute a world made of half busts, from the waist down. They welcome fans of all sizes and temperaments, those who watch the game sitting and those who jump around while singing in unison. Drinks are poured on them, food spilled, and often they are not really the epitome of cleanliness. But the fan likes the seat like this, because it represents all those rituals that give value to the experience of the stadium.

Mascot Launch Teaser Campaign

In 2021, Fiorentina launched its first Mascot, the Lion Lorenzo de’ Viola. To support the team in the launch, Mashfrog Creative Solutions developed a teasing campaign focused on short social media clips.

The clips followed a 5-step progressive unveiling process, with the goal of creating serial storytelling, based on the curiosity and discovery of the fan, who had to engage with the different content to discover the message conveyed by the club. The clips gradually showed more complete elements, to generate questions in the minds of fans, fuelling curiosity about the campaign.


Video partnership eSports and Different Team

To tell the story of the partnership between Fiorentina's eSports team and Linkem's Different concept store, the Mashfrog Creative Solutions team created a video that combines social media language with that of gaming, to create engagement with the community and promote brand awareness.

In the video, the two pro-players of the eSports team meet in their hideout, the Different store, to train for the start of the eSeries A TIM. Their hideout lies in the heart of the city they represent. It is a magical place, which has the power to channel different energies and change the people who experience it. It is the place that allows them to give their best in preparation for the championship.

Video of the launch of the new 2022/23 jersey

For the second season in a row, Mashfrog Creative Solutions has designed and created the video launch of the new Viola jersey, in collaboration with Kappa.

After focusing on vintage for last year's video, this season the register has changed completely, with a modern and dynamic atmosphere. In fact, Fiorentina has developed a rebranding that has completely reshaped its identity, embodied by the new crest. The launch video of the jersey was the first occasion on which the Viola fans were able to admire the new logo sewn on a jersey.

To emphasise this new modern, energetic mood as the protagonist of the video, Gunther Celli, one of the greatest Italian freestylers, was chosen. Gunther's evolutions, divided between an urban setting and a monochromatic limbo, represent the fan's internal energy, which reflects the sense of belonging to the Purple Faith and evokes change, generating beauty.


Mashfrog Creative Solutions: the visual side of communication

Active since 2013 and part of the mashfrog Group since the beginning of 2020, Mashfrog Creative Solutions has established itself as a leading company in the design and creation of digital campaigns, with a specific focus on the production of multimedia content and, in particular, in video content strategy.

Over the years, the company has been recognised for its innovative communication solutions, successfully facing considerable challenges and carrying out important projects for its customers, from EnelX to WeBuild, from Linkem to ActionAid, up to the collaboration created with ACF Fiorentina.