26 May 2021

Nascono le #PalestreRelazionali, una terza via tra ufficio e lavoro da casa

Nel semestre di presidenza di Smart Alliance, trenta aziende del Consorzio ELIS avviano una fase di sperimentazione per condividere spazi di lavoro diffusi, prenotabili con un App.


What are the best solutions for organising new places and times of work? How can we respond to the challenges of the pandemic in order to take advantage of new opportunities for job creation? These are the challenges that the companies of the ELIS Consortium are determined to tackle in the ELIS Smart Alliance Six-Month Project, chaired by Walter Ruffinoni, Managing Director of NTT DATA Emea and Italy. 

Thirty companies from the telecommunications, energy, transport, finance and food sectors will take part in this first six-month trial. 300 "pioneers" will form the whole inter-company and inter-generational community that will have access to the #RelationalGyms, new spaces for individual work, meetings and initiatives to promote sharing of experiences and creativity. Among them is the mashfrog Group, represented by Vice President Federico Zuin.

Together with the ELIS Consortium to train and innovate

For two years now, the Mashfrog Group has been a partner of ELIS, a non-profit organisation set up to promote the professional integration of young workers. Today it trains over 7,000 people every year with a job placement rate of 96% within three months. A key feature is the close cooperation with companies, which has led ELIS to build a consortium of more than 100 stakeholders over the years, including large companies, SMEs, startups, universities and research centres. The ELIS Six-month Projects, now in their 19th edition, promote dialogue between Italian companies and encourage the implementation of projects in favour of development, innovation and the appreciation of people within organisations.

Being part of the ELIS Consortium means, on the one hand, contributing to the training of tomorrow's professionals and supporting them in their integration into the world of work. On the other hand, it allows us to participate in the various experimental and innovative programmes that take place during the various six-month terms of the presidency. In previous years, we have participated in the Mindset Revolution Programme, in which CEOs of large companies shared their knowledge and expertise to find the best solutions to the changes of the fourth industrial revolution, collaborating with industry professionals, universities and students. 

What are #RelationalGyms

The aim of the new Smart Alliance Six-Month Project is to contribute to the construction of #RelationalGyms, places of experimentation and spaces for individual work, meetings and initiatives to promote sharing of experiences and creativity. The intention is to enable people to work from their preferred locations by turning offices into collaboration hubs. 

In fact, the pandemic has accelerated changes that were already characterising the world of work and beyond. Among these changes, the one with the greatest impact is undoubtedly teleworking, which has created new benefits while also posing new challenges

Relational gyms are, therefore, an excellent opportunity to encourage meetings and discussions. The aim is to prepare CEOs to face and manage the ongoing revolution in the best possible way in order to become the main driver of change processes. 300 pioneers will test out the relational gyms and be involved in various activities designed to build valuable relationships and facilitate positive interactions. The panel of participants also includes Federico Zuin, Vice President of mashfrog Group, who will help organise and set up the work. The project will involve five Italian cities: Milan, Rome, Naples, Catania and Trapani. 

This is the route we have mapped out to achieve the goals of creating a new way of thinking and organising work. We at mashfrog Group are, therefore, proud to once again be among the pioneers of change in the quest to transform work into a place that creates value for people.