09 June 2021

Infratel Italia has chosen Mashfrog for the technological development of broadband infrastructures

With its activities for Infratel Italia, mashfrog Group also contributes to Italy's technological development by providing its outstanding expertise in the IT sector.


Mashfrog Group has been awarded the management of software development and maintenance for Infratel Italia, the in-house company of the Ministry of Economic Development, which is responsible for implementing the government's broadband and ultra-broadband plans.

Mission and activities of Infratel Italia s.p.a.

Infratel Italia is an in-house company of the Ministry of Economic Development and is part of the Invitalia Group. Infratel's mission is to build and integrate broadband and ultra-broadband infrastructures to extend fast internet access to citizens, businesses and public administrations. 

Infratel has made a commitment to improving the possibilities of using a fast and reliable network, a prerequisite now necessary to take a step forward throughout the nation and a challenge to overcome in order to bridge the digital divide in the different areas of our country. 

Among the numerous activities, Infratel deals with:
•    identifying infrastructure gaps across the country and taking action by drawing up network development plans; 
•    designing and identifying the path to be taken for the construction of the infrastructure, or for the changes to be made to existing infrastructures;
•    supervising & managing the work and carrying out the final inspection. 

Our activities for Infratel Italia

Mashfrog Group's task for Infratel will consist in the creation of software development and maintenance services useful for end-to-end monitoring of projects, allowing real-time verification of the progress of individual project phases through the consultation of technical and administrative documents. The applications must also support the work progress monitoring and the possibility of accessing all related documentation (permits, CAD tables and drawings, images and georeferenced documents). 

The platforms we will develop will enable Infratel to improve work management, from day-to-day tasks to macro activities. 

Specifically, the platform will provide numerous possibilities, including:
•    the adoption of a work flow management tool;
•    the integration of mobile applications for the real-time management of particular activities;
•    the possibility of managing and exchanging documents between the parties involved;
•    the ability to guide users in the activities to be carried out for the purposes of advancing the workflow;
•    the monitoring of projects and orders from the initial phase through to completion, as well as for the subsequent warranty and maintenance phases;
•    the ability to plan all activities by automating the authorisation steps;
•    the generation and consultation of project reports.

The challenge is therefore certainly exciting, but also complex, and for this reason, we are providing Infratel with a team of 14 professionals from the mashfrog Group, who stand out as a diverse, professional and highly trained resource team.  

We are, therefore, particularly proud to be able to collaborate with Infratel Italia and contribute our outstanding knowledge and skills to Italy's technological development. A concept also reiterated by Andrea Spadoni, Digital Area Chief Operating Officer: "Intelligent management of business processes is the key to success for any company that contributes to the digital acceleration of the country system. Efficient use of resources, proper planning and continuous monitoring are the necessary ingredients for any effective workflow. We will support Infratel Italy in building the right tools to achieve these goals by providing our passion, experience and expertise across the board".