23 July 2020

Mashfrog and AlteraWide have won the Enel X tender!

We will manage the production of multimedia content on all of the digital channels for Enel X's global internal communication during the 2020-2023 period.


We at the mashfrog Group and Alterawide, a Content Agency specialised in video production, are very proud of our victory. We will be entrusted with the conception, creation and publication of multimedia content for Enel X's global internal communication and the management of all the digital channels involved. 

Enel X is the Enel Group company dedicated to developing digital products and solutions in each sector where energy is the indispensable lever for sustainable innovation: smart cities, electric mobility, housing and businesses. The call for tenders sought to identify the most suitable partner for the design and implementation of communication campaigns that would be capable of conveying the vision, mission and culture of the company as a whole to the entire Italian and global Enel X population. 

With their solid background in the sector, the mashfrog Group and Alterawide claimed victory by conceiving creative formats aimed at informing, training and engaging employees on a global scale, comprehensively producing multimedia content (texts, infographics, video animations, interviews, web series, etc.) and managing all the internal online and offline communication channels (DEM, intranet, web, mobile applications, events, etc.).
Our victory was not only guaranteed by the presence of all the necessary professional and technical and creative skills but also by our experience and demonstrated awareness of the role of innovative and effective internal communication in the growth of a company.

"Corporate culture" means both an organisation's vision and ethics, as well as its work practices, the definition of flows and processes and choice of effective tools", explained Edoardo Narduzzi, President of the mashfrog Group. Internal communication encompasses all of this, but its results have an immediate impact on the company's external perception, reputation and business objectives. Therefore, we enthusiastically welcome the challenge set by Enel X. We are ready to implement all of our creative, strategic and technological skills to accomplish the objectives of this three-year period together. 

Now more than ever, visual perception has a decisive impact on building brand awareness and creating a sense of belonging to the company. When engaging and interesting content is created, workers feel involved and aligned with the company's mission and values, becoming its true ambassadors. Fabrizio Varrenti, CEO of Alterawide, emphasised that it is challenging to design content that has an impact, but one that we welcome with lots of enthusiasm, especially knowing that we are working with an innovative and future-oriented company like Enel X.

The collaboration between Enel X, mashfrog Group and Alterawide will last for three years. During the 2020-2023 period, a strategy aimed at efficient, effective and multilingual communication and active participation will be implemented in all aspects of the corporate life of a global population distributed across Europe, Asia, the Americas and Oceania.