22 September 2022

CI/CD: the secret of developing sites, websites and platforms like an orchestra

Mashfrog group is one of the few Italian companies that adopts the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pattern intensively and widely, for over two years.


It's called CI/CD and is one of the little "secrets" of make in mashfrog products. Because in the IT and software engineering business the difference lies not only in what you do but (also and above all) in how you do it. And the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery model makes all the difference.

For those who do not live on a daily basis alongside codes, deployment and development of sites, apps or platforms, the CI/CD methodology can be compared to a collaborative and real-time process that makes the development work more similar to that of an orchestra in which the various musicians compose the score of a symphony together while performing it.

Metaphors aside - for insiders - Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery is a process based on integration and automation that takes place systematically while each developer carries out its specific task. 

The entire process is automatically orchestrated through a Kubernetes cluster, which today represents an avant-garde for those who want to work in the development world, allowing them to resolve any conflicts within the application in real time and breaking down the separation between development and delivery.

Fabio Piro, Head of Software Engineering at BU Digital of the mashfrog group explains that "Mashfrog was among the first companies in Italy to use this pattern, more than 2 years ago. It was established especially in the USA, and we were among the first to adopt and apply it intensively and widely".

Why did mashfrog make this choice in favour of Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery? The advantages of the can be summed up in 3 key words: speed, effectiveness, safety.

The CI/CD offers greater speed to all the activities necessary for deployment, allowing you to intervene immediately on bugs, codestyle control and compliance checks with the best guidelines and best practices.

The CI/CD guarantees maximum effectiveness in the work of the developers because each of them accesses in real time, for example, the website they are creating, displays it, tests the correctness of the implemented features, accepts the changes and incorporates them into the mother project that is then sent to production.

Finally, the CI/CD ensures the high security of the final result thanks to automated checks to verify the security of the libraries that are used in the projects, the continuous exploits, the operation of the entire project and all its parts, and so on, offering end customers a completely compliant and verifiable result during the work.