17 February 2023

Advantages and opportunities of Flutter for the development of high-quality apps

The open source framework developed by Google for the development of cross-platform, mobile and desktop applications.


We are talking about an open source framework for the development of apps for mobile devices. It was developed by Google and is based on the Dart language. Flutter allows you to create apps for iOS and Android with a single source code, using a wide range of widgets and tools to create attractive and high-performance user interfaces. It also enables the development of native desktop applications and interfaces, such as Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. Thanks to its architecture, Flutter offers a smooth and fast development experience, with fast build times and an extensive library of packages and plugins available for extending the app's functionality. It transforms the app development process: creating, testing and deploying beautiful mobile, web, desktop and integrated apps, all from a single code base. 

Thanks to the advent of modern technologies, the creation of apps for multiple platforms no longer requires the work of different professionals, such as web, Android and iOS developers, but can be managed by a single developer. Flutter presents itself as the ideal solution in this sense, offering a simple and efficient way to create apps for different environments with a single source code. With Flutter, the development process becomes faster and more flexible, making it more accessible to create quality apps for a wide range of mobile devices. 

The advantages of new technology for app development 

The advantages offered by Flutter are numerous and tangible. First of all, this technology reduces costs and speeds up development time, since a single developer is able to create apps for multiple platforms using a single source code. This also means that the developer can focus on multiple projects at the same time, resulting in greater flexibility and better allocation of resources. In addition, code written for one project can be easily reused for other projects, halving the time needed to develop the new features, from one month to two weeks. 

In addition to these advantages, Flutter also guarantees the highest quality in the creation of apps. The time saved during development, in fact, can be used to carry out in-depth tests and refine the code, thus ensuring greater security for the customer. In addition, Flutter is the first cross-platform development tool that offers performance equal to, if not superior to, that of native programmes, making it a superior option over its competitors. 

…And the disadvantages? 

Flutter presents some initial difficulties that cannot be considered real disadvantages, but rather small challenges that can be easily overcome. Mistrust and novelty are the two most common factors. Flutter, in fact, although supported by Google, used by world-famous brands and managed by a global community of developers, is not yet widely distributed and this can make customers wary of this technology. However, this represents an opportunity for our company Mashfrog which, as one of the first to use this technology, has the opportunity to stand out in a highly competitive sector with very little competition and great potential for the future. 

The second factor that can be considered a difficulty is the need to learn a new programming language, very different from the native ones. Developers must therefore invest time and energy in training. For this reason, Mashfrog has started weekly internal courses to train and update its resources, and to expand the skills of the company. This allows us to position ourselves above the market average. 

Mashfrog: current projects and future prospects 

Mashfrog is currently using Flutter for a number of successful projects, including Orizzonte, Arfi and Prysmian. This demonstrates our confidence and expertise in using this technology to meet the needs of our customers. In addition, future projects are equally promising and confirm our dedication to proposing Flutter in all new projects that come into our pipeline. This allows us to continue to provide innovative, high-quality solutions to our customers while maintaining our commitment to leveraging the latest technologies to meet their needs.