29 April 2021

Quality standards and combating corruption: economic sustainability for mashfrog Group

Any discussion about a sustainable economy has to take into account environmental and social sustainability, as defined by the UN agenda for 2030. Mashfrog Group wants to be a change-leader in building a better future and that is why our economic developm


The 2019 Sustainability Report highlights what has been done, but above all the objectives of the Group, which has put sustainability squarely at the centre of its economic, social and environmental development. 

Economic sustainability in mashfrog means supporting companies on their path of growth and evolution towards a model of “Impresa Sapiens”, that is, a business capable of continuously learning and evolving to remain successful and competitive. To do this, we analyse the macro-scenarios and trends in the ICT market to provide strategic answers. 

The economic sustainability of Mashfrog is based on a strategic response to the macro-scenarios and trends in the ICT market and is achieved through its business model: supporting companies on their path of growth and evolution towards "Impresa Sapiens", a business model capable of continuously learning and evolving in order to remain successful and competitive.

Our commitment to achieving economic sustainability

Our main objective, therefore, is to create economic value that can grow over time, adapting to the innovations and challenges imposed by the markets in which the company operates. 

Specifically, mashfrog Group is committed to providing:

•    innovation: the ability to offer customised and innovative solutions and services that mark it out from its competitors;
•    service quality: a total quality model aimed at the complete satisfaction of client companies;
•    anti-corruption: a system of shared values, principles and rules of conduct to combat all forms of corruption;
•    information security and data protection: concerning information owned by the customer and accessed by the company for the purposes of project order management and service provision;
•    creation and distribution of economic value: the company's ability to create and distribute value for its stakeholders: customers, shareholders, financiers, employees, suppliers, public administration and the community;
•    sustainability governance: the establishment of a sustainability committee delegated by the Board of Directors to manage social and environmental issues.

Thanks to its business model, Mashfrog Group has been named 2021 Growth Leader, being among the 450 Italian companies that recorded the highest growth in turnover between 2016 and 2019. The Group ranks 35th in the technology sector, and second in terms of the number of employees.

This recognition makes us particularly proud, as it confirms the outstanding work and entrepreneurial skills of the Group. At the same time, it further motivates us to continue our path towards innovation based on sustainability.