09 September 2022

NFT: we turn a trend into a (real) business opportunity

Everyone talks about it, but what are they and what are NFTs for? Here are all the expertise they need and that Mashfrog is putting in place to create tailor-made solutions.


They are used to make money, communication, marketing, audiences, products...basically to do everything. Some consider them an epochal revolution, others a temporary bubble. The fact is that everyone wants them. They are NFTs.

The acronym stands for Non-Fungible Token: in practice a digital token, unique and non-exchangeable (like banknotes) that certifies the ownership and authenticity of an asset. Developed with blockchain technologies and purchasable with cryptocurrencies, NFTs build a universe between the physical and the digital, acting as a bridge between the virtual and the real.

Their appearance on the scene dates back to 2017, but only since 2021 have they become a trend phenomenon catalysing the attention of artists, sportspeople, gaming companies...but also brands from the most diverse industries, from fashion to food & beverage to automotive. And generating billions of investments and revenues.

What is an NFT used for? Being a certificate that documents the ownership of something, it has become an "alternative" tool to copyright for works of art and creative products (from musical pieces to trending memes), but also a "token" with real economic value: you buy, you sell, you earn.

For those who create and sell NFTs - whether a singer or a brand - it means associating their product with a specific and real value for the digital world, gaining brand awareness by unleashing campaigns for acquisition among consumers, and accessing a royalty business that was until recently non-existent, parallel to that of traditional markets.

For those who buy an NFT associated with a particular work or product, it means being able to boast its exclusive ownership, earn from the sale, obtain exclusive benefits and access a business that, until recently, did not exist.

NFTs are a bargain, but to be handled with care. Like all disruptive trends and most of the phenomena that revolve around blockchain technology and the world of cryptocurrencies, NFTs are also the subject of speculation and pretensions. 

NFTs are a fascinating sea that you can navigate only as long as you have a reliable boat, crew and routes. Technical skills are not enough - to read blockchain – much more is needed. That's why Mashfrog is the ideal partner to build a real NFT business.

We are able to offer all the necessary skills, from IT to marketing, via creativity and strategy: Mashfrog guarantees comprehensive advice and tailor-made "all-inclusive" solutions to achieve an effective and measurable medium-long term NFT marketing action.

Does a brand want to launch a new set of products? Does a football team want to promote the new jersey or the new stadium project? Does a large retail chain want to "open" its store in the metaverse? With Mashfrog's NFT solutions, all this is possible with security, guarantee of effectiveness and clarity of strategy.