15 April 2024

Mashfrog at the SAP Executive Summit: the key role of AI in corporate strategies

The event was an opportunity to assess how generative artificial intelligence can offer businesses a new level of competitiveness


Mashfrog Group participated in a premier event such as the SAP Executive Summit, now in its 17th year, which was held April 12 and 13 in the beautiful setting of Villa d'Este in Cernobbio, Italy.

This year’s focus was Artificial Intelligence, a highly impactful topic that’s already making a difference in the lives of people and businesses. There are still many unanswered questions and a lot of lingering curiosity in its areas of use.

The SAP Executive Summit offered an in-depth look at how generative AI can offer a new level of competitiveness to companies through a reliable and responsible approach, assessing its impact from individual, ethical and social perspectives.

Mashfrog Group is a leading player in the realm of artificial intelligence. Through our expertise and the set up of cutting-edge AI solutions, we help our clients in the transformation of their processes. Adopting technologies like artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning has improved efficiency and accuracy in task automation, allowing HR departments to focus on added-value tasks.

“Our goal is to lead businesses in their transformation journey to smart and data-driven entities, helping them throughout the whole innovation process, from the analysis of the current scenario to the definition of goals and next-gen tools” as stated by Milena Fabrizi, Head of BU Global Enterprise Digital Evolution.

Hence, the Group’s mission is perfectly in tune with the event’s theme, fostering digital transformation and overcoming technological paradigms.

Finally, Mashfrog’s attendance at the SAP Executive Summit represents an opportunity for networking and engagement with industry leaders. Maintaining a constant focus on emerging trends while actively participating in the conversation on the conscious use of AI both in a corporate and social realm is a key requirement.