07 June 2023

Finnexta: an investment opportunity for innovative start-ups and SMEs

Finnexta, the new equity crowdfunding platform of the chamber system, developed by Mashfrog Group for Innexta, is now online.


About a year ago, we won the tender organised by Innexta, a company of the Italian Chambers of Commerce System, for the design, implementation and maintenance of a crowdfunding platform on which companies could pitch their projects and collect the resources to realise them. Today we are proud to confirm that this platform is live and went online on 17 May.

How Finnexta works

Finnexta hosts equity crowdfunding campaigns, through which it is possible to invest in a company and acquire the equity and/or administrative rights that correspond to the capital share subscribed. This allows start-up and companies to obtain investments for their projects, for potential investors to obtain property and, in some cases, administrative rights over the companies they have invested in.

Finnexta is open to private citizens, professional investors and companies wishing to invest in start-ups and SMEs and contribute to their growth. The platform uses a document workflow system that coordinates and regulates the different processes involved.

The platform complies with the Consob regulation, which regulates crowdfunding in Italy, and by the end of the year, a second release is planned that will also make it compliant with the EU regulation, opening the door to the European market.

The first fundraising campaign published on Finnexta was a great success. We are talking about the Re-Lender campaign, a latest-generation technology platform that through lending crowdfunding allows companies to receive funding from small and medium-sized investors: against a minimum target of 350,000 euro, around 500,000 euro have already been raised from over 200 investors.

A crowdfunding platform made in Mashfrog

Our team of professionals took care of the front-end and back-end development of the platform, and will continue to manage all future implementations. This is not the first time that Mashfrog has been involved in the development of crowdfunding solutions. In fact, Finnexta was built from an existing platform developed in-house by Mashfrog, which was then customised and adapted to Innexta's specific needs.

"The collaboration with Mashfrog is very satisfying for us: together we have developed a platform that meets the expectations of both investors and companies, but at the same time is simple, accessible and user-friendly" commented Danilo Maiocchi, Managing Director of Innexta.

Finnexta represents an extraordinary opportunity for Italian SMEs and start-ups, offering them a powerful tool for raising venture capital and fostering growth and innovation.