21 April 2022

Favero entrusts Mashfrog with the development of four new e-commerce platforms

Mashfrog Group will run the strategic project for the development of new and complex e-commerce platforms for Favero Electronics' sites.



Favero Electronics, a leading company in the design and manufacture of electronic items for sports, has chosen Mashfrog Group for the development of new B2C and B2B e-commerce platforms for its institutional site and three product sites. In fact, the project entails the implementation of three new e-commerce sites, independent of each other, on three different domains.

The first two sites, favero.com and cycling.favero.com, are already online, while the others will be published along with the new e-commerce systems developed by Mashfrog. In all cases, these platforms provide highly sophisticated features which have been tailored to the customers' needs. Favero, an Italian company founded in 1978, produces a wide range of electronic sports equipment, including electronic scoreboards, signalling equipment for fencing, and cycling power meters. Today, Favero's high-quality products are exported to over 100 countries spread across five continents. Accordingly, the e-commerce platform will be developed on a highly complex infrastructure, which includes numerous dedicated features.

The development of this key project involves four different phases, with go-live scheduled for the end of 2022, and the involvement of Digital Business Unit team composed of frontend and backend developers, coordinated respectively by Augusto Montoni, Head of Front-end Solution and Fabio Piro, Head of Software Engineering.

The words of Luigiandrea Scaramuzzi, Sales and Marketing Manager of Mashfrog Group, convey all the excitement upon facing this new challenge:

"We are delighted to accompany Favero on the growth path they are embarking upon and to play such a key role in this crucial phase."

This great collaboration spirit is likewise confirmed by Francesco Sirio Basilico, Project Manager of Favero Electronics, who states:

This project is paramount for our company. Mashfrog made a major effort on the RFP, which they won thanks to their extremely detailed proposal and excellent overall approach. I look forward to continuing this challenge together!"