24 May 2024

Cloud & AI. How the future of Big Tech is changing

Mashfrog CEO Edoardo Narduzzi, on the program Caffè Affari, on Class CNBC, commented on the quarterly results of the giant Nvidia


Our CEO, Edoardo Narduzzi, was recently a guest on Class CNBC during the program Caffè Affari to analyze Nvidia's (NVDA) quarterly results, the leading company in AI chips, and discuss the current competition among Big Tech in the field of artificial intelligence.

Nvidia released its quarterly report after the market closed on May 22, reporting extraordinary results that pushed the stock up on Wall Street. These results certify the role of Jen-Hsun Huang's company as a leader in the race to develop and improve generative AI technologies.

According to Narduzzi, Nvidia's successes are a clear indication of the company's bright future, leading a fundamental technological revolution in the data cloud and artificial intelligence, or more precisely, in data valorization to rethink business processes.

The CEO of Mashfrog stated that within a few quarters, Nvidia could become the most capitalized company in the world, surpassing giants like Apple and Microsoft. This would mark a historic shift, where companies that dominated the era of personal computers and smartphones will be replaced by those revolutionizing the data cloud and artificial intelligence.

To discover all the details and Edoardo Narduzzi's analysis on the future of artificial intelligence, watch the full interview below: