15 December 2023

AyGLOO: Generative and explainable articifial intelligence. Innovation empowered by experience

Mashfrog family grows with the entry of Spain's AyGLOO, specialising in AI solutions for businesses and with long experience in Machine Learning and Deep Learning projects.


A new reality joins Mashfrog Group and brings a range of cutting-edge expertise with it. Based in Madrid, AyGLOO is at the forefront of the integration of Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Specialising in Generative AI and Explainable AI, and with a team with more than 25 years of experience in Machine Learning and Deep Learning projects, AyGLOO leads the industry towards new digital horizons, making advanced technologies accessible to all, regardless of technical skills. With a focus on automating business processes and supporting data-driven transformation, it is the ideal solution for businesses eager to embrace the future of AI.

SARAH and INDIA: AI for digital transformation

Two main solutions form the core of AyGLOO's offering: 

SARAH: the Generative Artificial Intelligence platform stands out for its ability to deal with large volumes of unstructured documents. It uses innovative NLP (natural language processing) techniques and LLM (large language models) to automate customer service operations, resolve queries, reduce response times and increase sales. Its implementation on the Google Cloud also guarantees immediate results and reduced costs, helping to optimise both customer and internal operations.

INDIA: the Explainable AI platform, is an innovative tool that enables the interpretation of Artificial Intelligence models in an intuitive and customised way, without the need for specific technical expertise. It is a comprehensive solution that leverages state-of-the-art technologies to understand how and why advanced AI and Machine Learning models work.

Unique solutions that revolutionise business management, simplifying complex flows and accelerating decision-making through advanced automation. Aygloo not only simplifies, but redefines business efficiency and competitiveness through operational solutions that put Artificial Intelligence at the service of companies, from customer service to archiving processes up to business insight.

The entry of AyGLOO into Mashfrog enriches the ecosystem of services offered by the group and consolidates its presence in Spain, where Wattyo, Mashfrog Iberica and Mashfrog Industrial Guard are also operating. It also represents a further step in the internationalisation process that the company has been undertaking for several years and which already sees it present in the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Serbia, Armenia and Mexico, as well as in Spain.