07 April 2023

The digital transformation of Autoworld is signed by Mashfrog DMCC

The digital transformation process of Autoworld, a leading company in operational leasing throughout Saudi Arabia, has been successfully completed.


Autoworld is one of the leading automotive companies specializing in fleet management for corporate vehicles, and provides complete mobility services to organizations and individuals throughout Saudi Arabia.

The goal of the project coordinated by Mashfrog DMCC was to accelerate business processes by improving and simplifying the vehicle reservation process. This was achieved by strengthening internal resources through the implementation of the world's number one CMS tool - Salesforce Lightning Scheduler, an additional Salesforce tool that simplifies the planning, modification, and cancellation of appointments, offering a significantly improved user experience. The integration of the customer's ERP solution (Infor CloudSuite Equipment) was seamlessly achieved by utilizing Infor OS as an intermediate technological layer. This integration facilitated the project's objective of improving and streamlining the vehicle reservation process, resulting in a more efficient business operation.

The project, which started in August 2022, went live with the new “appointment” solution on March 8, 2023 and involved a team of Solution Arhitect, Salesforce & CloudSuite Equipment Functional Consultants, Technical Project Lead, Function project lead, Technical Consultants, Project Manager from the Infor BU and the CRM BU, who actively collaborated with the goal of achieving a complete integration between the two technological solutions, Infor and Salesforce.

Mashfrog as an INFOR and Salesforce partner, understands and provides expertise in the leasing business, hence, helped AutoWorld build a successful integration platform for future capitilizing built-in extensibility tool XtendM3 within the CloudSuite Equipment. This integration platform, which uses Infor technology platform (Infor OS), enables AutoWorld to address its unique business requirements by extending the CloudSuite Equipment logic hosted on AWS and the result was a successful integration platform that will benefit AutoWorld's business operations.

A huge congratulations to our amazing project team and valued Autoworld’s team for their hard work and dedication. Their expertise, passion, and teamwork have truly set the standard for excellence” commented Ghaieth Guerine, CEO of Mashfrog DMCC.

Mashfrog DMCC specializes in the implementation of Salesforce and Infor solutions and the creation of integration models is one of the main goals of our digital business. This is why the company, coordinated by Ghaieth Guerine, CEO of Mashfrog DMCC, proved to be the perfect partner to support Autoworld in its digital transformation.