16 July 2019

WWF and mashfrog come together for an environmental education project

The online school to build a future that's in harmony with nature. 

An e-learning project dedicated to environmental education is on the way, for which the WWF has chosen to rely on mashfrog's technological skills and professionalism.

The aim of the project is to build a unique digital environment to organise and make available educational content on the main ecological topics. The content is produced by the WWF, fully in line with its original mission: to educate citizens to live sustainably to "build a future where humanity can live in harmony with nature". 

What we'll do

For this project, we will create an online platform based on modular and customisable technology that will host multimedia content organised within educational courses. The platform will be accessible to all WWF members. The content can be viewed and downloaded during completely customised navigation, profiled, that is, based on the type of user, their level of competence and what they do on the site. 

Who the online platform is designed for

The educational courses are designed to respond to information needs and involve different types of targets: students of all levels, teachers/trainers, but also members and volunteers from the environmental organisation. 

The team involved consists of a project manager, two back-end developers, a front-end developer and a UX/UI designer. 

In fact, as part of the project, mashfrog is not only a technological partner, but also a strategic and creative one. We will focus on defining an original and recognisable visual identity for this digital environment, which wants to present itself as a "unique" school to safeguard the planet we live on.