To live through change, you need to have experience. To seize opportunities, you need to have talent. The union of experience and talent is written in mashfrog’s DNA, history and even our name.

The frog is a metaphor for our attitude to experiencing change. It has been on the Earth for 265 million years. It lives in the most diverse environments, from the tropics to sub-Arctic regions. It has always identified the best solutions to develop and grow.

Digital transformation is our natural habitat.

The name mashfrog comes from the combination of two concepts: mashup and leapfrog.

Mashup suggests a hybrid digital solution that integrates existing content and information from multiple sources to give shape to a totally new service.

Leapfrog defines a business model that counts on disruptive innovation to conquer market leadership by surpassing those who rely on incremental improvements in a single leap.

Choosing mashfrog means having a partner at your disposal to seize all the opportunities created by the digital transformation.

Working with mashfrog means relying on a group of 200 professionals with experience in various relevant industries and an average age of 34 years.

Geowing with mashfrog means being open to a process of constant digital evolution that concerns technology, processes and every area of our business.

The mashfrog group is the result of ten years of experience Today, it’s an ecosystem of various contexts and specific and specialised professional figures, which has grown over the years, turning each challenge into new skills to offer on the market and into growth opportunities for us and for our partners. Working with us is the simplest way to discover, today, what the business of tomorrow will be.

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